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Biblical Archaeology

Visit sites in and around Israel that you won't see anywhere else, with Aaron Lipkin and others leading the way, including Joshua's Altar, Giant Footprints, and new discoveries that have not even made the news yet.

God is now allowing the step-by- step revealing of the secrets that the land has been holding tight for thousands of years. These secrets not only confirm the Biblical accounts, but help the world understand certain verses of the Bible in brand new ways.

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Root Source Interviews

Watch our HD interviews of interesting people from the Land of Israel.

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Root Source Tours

Watch our HD videos of various sites in the Land of Israel.

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Islam - Insights and Deceptions

This is one of Root Source's most popular channels!

Avi Lipkin, a pioneer in Jewish-Christian relations, and now a household name, was one of the few voices in the 1990s to warn about a coming terrorist attack on the United States.

This channel tells you where Islam is headed, explaining it like nobody else can. Avi makes a clear distinction between 'loving Muslims' (he does) and 'the trap of Islam' (where he holds back nothing). The channel opens with: The Five Deceptions of Islam, where Avi explains how to contrast your Christian faith with Islam, and then continues with ground breaking insights into current events, terrorism, dangerous road that lies ahead for Western Civilization.

Think you have already "heard it all" about Islam? Think again! We guarantee this channel will tell you things you have NEVER HEARD before, and make you think about Islam differently, and with deeper understanding than you will find anywhere else.

Avi is a one-of-a-kind teacher who is "as loving as a grandpa", yet he is simultaneously "as sharp as a tack". If you have never heard him speak, this is your chance to get to know this legendary figure who was one of the first Othodox Jews to ever speak regularly at Christian churches all around the world.

One of the most exciting aspects of this channel is that Avi not only teaches from history and from current events happening around the world, but he puts these things in the context of the Bible. He uses scriptures from the Old Testament, and occasionaly even the New Testament to make the case that Islam is extremely dangerous. He reveals things from the Hebrew that explain the behavior of Ishmael in ways you have never really understood before.

He is not afraid to break new ground, even if it means his opinions sometimes go against the flow of certain Jewish traditions. Avi "calls them as he sees them" and holds back nothing in this fascinating series.

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NOTE: Some lessons contain topics not suitable for children.

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BONUS: Jubilee

This channel is the place to watch all Root Source videos that are connected to the Jubilee year.

Many have proposed that Jewish Year 5776 that began on September 14, 2015 and ends on October 2, 2016 is in fact a Jubilee Year.

This channel explores that idea and will continue to collect video's as they are created, that related to the Jubilee.

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Jewish History - Jewish Future

The Root Source Jewish History - Jewish Future channel is one of the most popular channels we offer.

This channel will help you understand both the past and the future of the Jews. It is taught by Ken Spiro, one of the most experienced and admired Jewish teachers in all of Israel. He is also a very nice guy and loves to get and respond to your feedback in the comments.

This channel opens with a Week One interview of Ken Spiro in his own home.

Then in Week Two it shifts to uncover the divinely inspired context of Israel's history with an exciting, fast-paced four-part series entitled The Seven Wonders of Jewish History.

Next the channel shifts to the future, with a 4-week series called The Edge of History which explains the Jewish view of End Times prophecy. The Jewish view of the End Times is one of the least understood, yet most interesting topics to many Christians. 

The channel's next course is called World Perfect: The Jewish impact on civilizatiion. Think you already understand that impact? Think again!

The channels' next course is called Why the Jews? Ken has been teaching in Israel for 2 decades years and reveals these topics like nobody else!

Next we go to Ken's home and interview him face to face as he gives us his perspective of how Jews perceive Christians, and stories of his visits to Christian homes and churches in America.

His next course is Driven. In this course he expounds on the enigma of Jewish soul.

His next course is In God we Trust.  It explains the impact Judaism has had on modern, political thought and how it continues to impact the world today.

His next course is A Nation Dwells Alone. Here gives a deeper insight as to why Israel is continually persecuted by other nations.

The next course to become available on his channel is Jewish Conceptions of the Messiah. He explains what the Jews are looking for in the Messiah.

His next course is Jewish Paganism and Multiculturalism.

Sign up for Root Source channel today and select his channel as one of your channel selections, and begin to receive all this exciting courses, one after the other in sequence. This is material you will not hear anywhere else. 

Ken makes his topics come alive with his naturally energetic style. Already a favorite among Israeli Jews for decades, he is now becoming a favorite among Christians through Root Source. Root Source is delighted to feature this world-class Israeli teacher with material he has recording specifically for Christians.

Sign up for Root Source now and select this channel to see what you have been missing!

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Women in the Bible

Dr. Rivkah Adler is a rising star in the field of Jewish Christian Relations. She is a writer for Israel news broadcasts and is one of the most complemented teachers at Root Source. She is also the wife of another one of our popular teachers, Rabbi Elan Adler.

Her channel, Women in the Bible, is breaking new ground on the Internet, and is the fastest growing channel at Root Source. Both women and men love love her insights, and find her style to be clear and accessible. She also interacts with her students through comments, over email and through Facebook. 

What to be able to interact with a Jewish woman, who is a mother and a teacher? This is your chance!

Rivkah is also emerging as a thought leader in the Israeli Jewish community concerning the roles and opportunities for Orthodox Jewish women. While she is a thought leader, she is wife of a Rabbi, as is passionately grounded in the Bible and rabbinic tradition. 

In her course you will see Bible stories from not only the standpoint of Jewish commentary, but specifically focusing on the women in those stories.

She begins with Eve, the mother of all living souls. You will learn things about the Garden of Eden that you have never heard before, and you may get a different perspective on Eve than you ever thought you knew. 

She then goes on to examine the lives, personalities, deeds and marriages of the Matriarchs of the Jewish people, like Sarah and Rebecca, the women of the exodus from Egypt, the women in the Books of Prophets all the way through to Queen Esther. 

Even if you know these stories, her approach adds classic rabbinic commentary, that causes her students to gasp at insights they never considered before, each and every week.

And you will also begin to learn stories you DID NOT KNOW before. Stories from ancient Jewish sources, including learning the names of women not listed in the Bible, such as the wife of Noah and the mothers of Sampson and King David.

And you will be introduced to many other women, like Serach Bat Asher, Elisheva, Tirtza, Jephthah’s daughter and Avishag.

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Biblical Hebrew

Welcome to one of Root Source's most popular channels!

Instant Biblical Hebrew from Root Source is the perfect way for Christians to learn Hebrew step-by-step in the comfort of their own home. While Biblical Hebrew is almost the same as Modern Hebrew spoken in the land of Israel, a Biblical Hebrew course has the added advantage of working from the Hebrew Scriptures directly, teaching the students the words that would be needed in their own biblical study, beginning with Genesis 1:1.

Seth Young is an Israeli Jew living in Jerusalem and is one of the world's leading Hebrew teachers, as well as being well-versed in Torah study, which makes him uniquely qualified to teach this topic.

Seth did not learn Hebrew until he was an adult, and so he appreciates how it feels to approach the language without previous experience. His Hebrew teaching system was born out of these struggles, but he turned them into an advantage, where has now helped thousands of students learn Hebrew the way he wanted to have been taught.

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Chapters of the Fathers - Pirkei Avot

"Chapters of the Fathers" transliterated from Hebrew as "Pirkei Avot" is often referred to in Jewish life by its other name "Ethics of Our Fathers". 

Capturing the most famous sayings passed down from the time of Moses, this is one of the best-known Jewish texts worldwide. It reveals how the early Jewish fathers applied the newly written Torah to their lives, advice that Jews still widely use today.

Wonder how Jewish family life still thrives in the 21st century? Look no further. Wonder how Jews first learned how to reason from their Hebrew scriptures? Look no further. Simply put, this course will teach you more than just how to "think like a Jew," it will teach you how to "think like a Jew in your own home." That's the difference between academic knowledge, and practical wisdom.

Experience Rabbi Elan Adler's winsome, compelling style first-hand as he introduces  himself, and then introduces to you this foundational text of Jewish life, and then find yourself eagerly anticipating the arrival of each week's surprisingly refreshing lesson.

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Pray Like a Jew

What better way for us to dedicate the launch of Root Source to the Almighty God, than by turning to Him in prayer in the very first class recorded on Root Source, as taught by the CEO of Root Source, Gidon Ariel.

In this foundational channel, you will have the opportunity to deepen your relationship with God, by learning to pray alongside Jews who turn to God in prayer each morning. Gidon will teach you every word he prays, and give you his insights to the meaning and beauty behind it all. Let's join Gidon and learn what it means to Pray Like a Jew!

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Israel and the Nations

David Ha'ivri has a great love for the physical land that God promised to Abraham. This is only matched by his love for people, and for the God of Abraham.

David brings these three streams together into one place and time, when he observes Jews and non-Jews work to become fully alive in their relationship to the land, to each other, and to God as they restore the land of Israel, piece by piece, meter by meter, to the beauty and productivity it previously offered the world many thousands of years ago.

In this channel, David gives Christians an inside look and perspective of the importance of the various places in Eretz Yisrael (the Land of Israel). He reveals these place in the context of history and the present, as well as the context of the Jews and the surrounding nations.

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The Holy Temple

In the Holy Temple channel, Rabbi Yehudah Glick shares about all things concerning the Holy Temple including its history and the scriptural basis for building a third temple.

This trailer above is just the first part of a 3-part interview of Yehudah, recorded in January 2015, where he explains the recent assassination attempt on his life.

Part 2 link is:  http://root-source.com/blog/yehuda-glick-shares-story-passion/

Part 3 link is:  http://root-source.com/blog/rabbi-yehuda-glick-discusses-miracles/

The lessons below delve immediately into the topic of The Holy Temple, and were all recorded after the assassination attempt.

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God: The Jewish Image

God needs no introduction, and most people either believe in God, or not. But in spite of God’s all-or-nothing quality, God must be examined, imagined, and, to the best of our abilities, defined.

In this channel, Rabbi Gedalia Meyer reveals that Jews have a long and somewhat hidden history in exploring God, but not so much as a bounded investigation, but as a collective journey. Join him in tracing that journey. And join his invitation to reflect on how that journey can impact your own journey today, even as it has deeply impacted his.

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Proverbially Speaking

Rabbi Aryeh Leifert believes that one of the biggest patches of common ground between Christians and Jews is the Wisdom of Solomon. An Israeli tour guide who is active and adventurous, Rabbi Leifert invites you to join him in a touring journey of one of his favorite books of the Bible: Proverbs.

After meeting Aryeh Leifert in a cafe in Jerusalem in Week One, join with him week-by-week in Proverbially Speaking, and begin discovering the nuggets of wisdom that have changed his whole perspective on what it means to live life in modern Israel.

Come see how approachable, upbeat, and interesting Rabbi Aryeh Leifert can be!

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Moses: Profile of a Leader

The prototypical leader of the Old Testament, second only to God himself, is undoubtedly Moses, or Moshe in the original Hebrew.

But who was this man? What were his personality traits, his leadership qualities and characteristics that we can learn from and apply to our own lives?

Join Gidon Ariel as we delve into the Jewish Sages' traditions about Moses and discover what it takes to be a God-inspired leader in our lives today.

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Root Source News

Watch our HD news reports from the Land of Israel.

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BONUS: Special Broadcast Archive 2017

This is the Root Source SPECIAL BROADCAST ARCHIVE Channel for 2017.

One special broadcast is always available for FREE on this channel's page. Click on "View this Channel" and the video will appear on the page.

The archive of our past broadcasts below are included as a FREE BONUS to all paid subscribers of Root Source. They include explanation of current events, interesting teachings and a way to connect with some of our teachers. 

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BONUS: Special Broadcast Archive 2016

This is the Root Source SPECIAL BROADCAST ARCHIVE Channel for 2016.

One special broadcast is always available for FREE on this channel's page. Click on "View this Channel" and the video will appear on the page.

The archive of our past broadcasts below are included as a FREE BONUS to all paid subscribers of Root Source. They include explanation of current events, interesting teachings and a way to connect with some of our teachers. 

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BONUS: Special Broadcast Archive 2014 and 2015

This is the Root Source SPECIAL BROADCAST ARCHIVE Channel for 2014 and 2015.

One special broadcast is always available for FREE on this channel's page. Click on "View this Channel" and the video will appear on the page.

The archive of our past broadcasts below are included as a FREE BONUS to all paid subscribers of Root Source. They include explanation of current events, interesting teachings and a way to connect with some of our teachers. 

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BONUS: Blood Moons and More

This channel begins with the 6-part Blood Moons course and is the home of its sequel: Pure Gold: When Blood Moons and Sabbath Years Coincide.

Root Source co-founder Bob O’Dell, who has studied lunar and solar astronomical events for more than 35 years, broke a world-wide story that an exceedingly rare total solar eclipse would be taking place on March 20, 2015, bringing its shadow to the North Pole for two minutes on the first day of the Spring and the beginning of the Hebrew Biblical Year, and that this coincidence of events has never occurred before in human history. Root Source's orthodox Jew Gidon Ariel issued a worldwide call to pray Isaiah 11:9 during that event around the world.

After explaining the Solar Eclipse in Lesson One, over the following five lessons, Bob provides a view of the Blood Moons from the perspective of science, history and the Bible that is refreshingly different, biblically based, yet grounded in God's covenant love for the Jews. Bob's first goal is to help the listener be able to ask better questions and to evaluate the various theories including his own.

Pure Gold, is Bob's sequel course that not only connects the Blood Moons to the Shemittah, Sabbatical year, but offers practical suggestions for daily life using the knowledge gained in this Blood Moons lesson series. It deals with the hard questions such as how to prepare for difficult times that may be coming, how to actionalize the blessing of Israel practically, and how to seek your future with God.

In as much as the Blood Moons course sought to reframe our perspective of the heavens above, the goal of Pure Gold is to reframe the daily life of a pro-Israel Christian on earth below.

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