It’s Easy! It’s fun!

It fits your schedule!

Here is what happens:

    • Each of our Teachers has created their own Channel where they teach a subject of interest to Christians!  Their styles are informal, loving and approachable.
    • If you ‘select’ their channel, then each week you receive a link to a 10-25 minute lesson so you can learn step-by-step.  Log in and watch the video lesson on our site, or download the video and play it offline at your convenience, or you can even listen to the audio in your car!
    • SAMPLING period: For the first four weeks you don’t select anything because we activate ALL of the Root Source channels in your account. That means that on day 1, you will get links to a 10-25 minute introductory lesson from every channel!  Then more lessons on day 8, day 15 and day 22.  Don’t feel pressured to watch EVERY lesson from every channel during these 4 weeks, but just sample them and begin deciding which TWO channels you might want to watch on an ongoing basis beginning week 5.

  • After we send you the first four lessons from every channel: we will ask you to select the TWO channels you want to continue to receive every week.
  • We encourage you to reach out to your instructor!  One of the best features we offer is the ability to Post comments and questions on a particular lesson, or you can email your instructor privately and thank them and/or ask them a question!

Special Situations and Notes:

  • Want to CHANGE your TWO channel selections over time?  No problem. You may stop receiving lessons on one channel, and start receiving lessons from a different channel(s) instead.
  • Want to learn more by watching more than TWO channels per week?  Hurray!  You can ADD more channels at any time for $9.99/month per added channel.
  • Change your mind about us?  Your subscription renews monthly (or yearly for annual plans). That means you can cancel at any time, and you will not be charged in any following month (or year).
  • Anything else I should know?  Besides your TWO included channels, you also get some Bonus channels such as Special Broadcasts on current events in Israel, where we give you a unique inside perspective on these events from the standpoint of Israeli Jews themselves.
  • Still not sure about us? Then go to the Channels pages and watch our free trailers to see an excerpt from Lesson #1 of each and every channel! Then just try us for four weeks.  
  • Our enrollment details and pricing is subject to change. 
  • When you sign up join Root Source, we will ask you to select one of our three pricing plans: the Ewe Lambs Plan, the Turtledoves Plan or the Fine Flour plan.  This is a one-time decision that you will make. Many Christians tell us that our pricing is not only unique, but refreshing!  Keep reading to learn why.

How Much Does It Cost?

Root Source wants you to enjoy our content at prices that are so low, everyone can afford it!

Sample all our content for a month!

Root Source desires to reach as many Christians who will appreciate our services as possible.  We therefore offer you our content at three pricing levels in the spirit of Leviticus 5:6-11:

  • Ewe Lambs Plan – Standard price
  • Turtle Doves Plan – discount for lower income subscribers
  • Fine Flour Plan – deep discount, for those not employed, residents of third world countries, and other special situations that only you know.

(These package prices must be selected upon signing up for the trial period and will go into effect starting on week 5.)

Ewe Lamb Plan

  • Standard
  • $2700monthly
  • Special: Enroll today and get a second class for free!
  • Additional classes are $9.99/mo.

Turtle Doves Plan

  • Discount Plan
  • $1900monthly
  • Special: Enroll today and get a second class for free!
  • Additional classes are $9.99/mo.

Fine Flour Plan

  • Deep Discount Plan
  • $999monthly
  • Special: Enroll today and get a second class for free!
  • Additional classes are $9.99/mo.

Simply decide for yourself what pricing level is most fitting for you, and select that price, no questions asked.

Note that each plan offers the same level of service, just as is written in Leviticus.

Did you hear what we just said? Whether you sign up at our standard price, our discount price, or our deep discount price you get the exact same level of service!

Why do we do this? Because we trust that Christians know their personal financial situation better than we do. We trust that those who can pay more will appreciate what we are doing and will want to bless Israel and our Israeli teachers by paying more! And we want those who cannot pay more, to join without guilt, and to have every benefit as every other member.

Where did this idea come from? It comes from the way Jewish synagogues are funded. In Israel, everyone who attends pays monthly membership dues to help cover the most basic expenses. The dues are a fixed amount per family, but get reduced for families who have less ability to pay.

Want to avoid a monthly subscription, by paying yearly?

 For even deeper discounts, see our annual plans!

Ewe Lamb Annual Plan

  • Standard
  • $270yearly
  • Special: Enroll today and get a second class for free!
  • Additional classes are $87/yr.

Turtle Dove Annual Plan

  • Discount
  • $189yearly
  • Special: Enroll today and get a second class for free!
  • Additional classes are $87/yr.

Join Root Source, and you will find many ways to learn deeper and reach higher.