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Root Source interviews presents part of a longer, deep conversation to help Christians understand the Jewish view of Redemption. As she explains to Bob O’Dell, who is hearing this for the first time, the Hebrew word guela or geullah, embodies at once the idea of restoration to God’s original intent, the end-of-days, and the coming of the Messiah. Rivkah Adler is interested and willing to speak on the topic of Redemption. Interact with her about speaking opportunities by contacting her at: NOTE: The full 5-part interview of Rivkah Adler on this topic is available to Root Source subscribers, on Rivkah’s “Women of the Bible” channel at Root Source, weeks 32 through 36. If you join Root Source as a result of this blog post, and/or are currently watching Rivkah’s channel and don’t have access to this interview series, contact us and ask us to provide you by email, the links to this interview and we will be happy to provide them!


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