Channel: Chapters of the Fathers - Pirkei Avot

Teacher: Rabbi Elan Adler

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Do we desire to be people that would eagerly desire to hear from great persons who might visit us in our homes?

What is the condition of your home?  Yosi Ben Yoezer has a recommendation for us:  That our home be the kind of place that if an important Rabbi would happen to drop in, we would be able to welcome them in easily!

Rabbi Adler explains that when we prepare our homes to be ready for special people, it has a positive impact on us and our homes, and in some cases might even bring transformation in our lives.


Bob's Application:  I cannot help but think about the N.T. story where Yeshua (Jesus) had come into the home of Mary and Martha.  Mary sat with our Lord, drinking in everything he had to say, and He praised her for this. Perhaps Mary had heard of this saying from Yosi Ben Yoezer in the past and had decided to herself - if a great man ever comes to our house I will drop everything to learn from him. Her decision was not made in contradiction of Jewish teaching - it was made consistent with it!

And clearly Rabbi Adler's point about the things we learn from great people are sometimes not what they have to say, but just observing them up close. Mary and Martha were both blessed to have a close-up relationship with Yeshua.


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