Channel: Chapters of the Fathers - Pirkei Avot

Teacher: Rabbi Elan Adler

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Rabbi Adler begins his commentary on Pirkei Avot 1:5.  Yosi Ben Yochanan tells us to make our homes comfortable for visitors and wide open to the poor.


Bob's Application:  The Rabbi's reinforces his points here in Part 2 of his Speaking with Women series coming up in two weeks.  In that reinforcement, he provides a wonderful suggestion about allowing a person in need to do work around your house, even if their work might be less excellent than someone else you might hire. I once read a touching story about Bill Graham Crusades doing the same thing, with respect to several of the vendors they hired to assist them behind the scenes. I find it touching that Rabbi Adler suggests the same thing - and I'm sure that in 25 years as a pulpit Rabbi, he had ample opportunity to put that principle into action.


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