Channel: God: The Jewish Image

Teacher: Rabbi Gedalia Meyer

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The act of creation takes many forms, only one of which is creating something from nothing. The Bible describes God's continuing act of creation through speaking. When God speaks things come to be.

Note From Bob: Listing the 10 statements of Rabbi Gedalia covered in this lesson I list as follows.  (1) Gen 1:1.  (2) Let there be light.  (3) skipped. (4) skipped. (5) Let earth sprout foliage. (6) Let there be lights in the sky... (7) Let the waters team. (8) Mammals (9) Let us make man... (10) Gen 2:18.  

He also listed 2 instances of the use of the word 'created' of which he said there are three. Gen 1:1 and Gen 1:21.


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