Channel: Israel and the Nations

Teacher: David Ha'ivri

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David Haivri gives an overview of the issues surrounding the Temple Mount today and thru history.  David has authored a book on this subject, Reclaiming the Temple Mount, he explains in this lesson the central aspects of the current controversy between Jews and Muslims on 'access' to the Temple Mount area.

David recorded this lesson shortly after the assassination attempt of Yehuda Glick in Jerusalem, and he gives his personal perspective on why he was targeted by Muslims.

Note:  David's book is available on, or by contacting David directly thru links provided on his Root Source teachers page.


Bob's Application: If Jerusalem is a burdensome stone, such that those who lift it will be severely injured, then how much more so the temple mount!  On that stone the two temples were built!  Zecharaiah 12:3a.

I certainly understand how many Christians find this topic very sensitive to discuss.  Because of the scripture above, I find myself refraining from speaking much about it, lest I somehow accidentally speak against God Himself!  So, I would propose that our application for this week be to pray a simple, safe prayer, that will never put us a cross purposes with the Almighty; the safest of all prayers which is simply: "Concerning the Temple Mount -- Lord, Thy will be done!"


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