Channel: BONUS: Jubilee

Teacher: Gidon Ariel and Bob O'Dell

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In this lesson from the Pure Gold course, recorded in Summer 2015, Bob O'Dell explains how the Jubilee (Yovel) topic got so popular in the past year or so.

Bob credits and thanks Jonathan Cahn for noticing that  a Jubilee year might have occurred in Fall 1917 and Fall 1966. 

Bob then shares ideas for what may happen in Israel if in fact 2015 is the start of another Jubilee year.

This lesson is applicable to both those in Israel and those outside of Israel, because as Bob explains, nothing good ever happens in Israel without a positive spill-over for the rest of the world. Bob encourages Christians to "Proclaim freedom througout their own land" and to consider what they might put at 'rest' in order to Honor God.


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