Channel: Moses: Profile of a Leader

Teacher: Gidon Ariel

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Why do Jews believe Moses died on his birthday? Why do Jews even today mention in eulogies whenever a Jew dies on his own birthday?

In the second part of this lesson we move to discuss the personality of Moses, how his face was like the face of the sun, and the face of Joshua was like the moon.


Bob's Application:  The light that shown from Moses face was a light that resulted from his presence with the Lord and Gidon blesses us to reflect some of this light in our own lives. We should not receive this lesson from Gidon as the glorification of man on his own merits, even a wonderful human being such as Moses, but rather we should receive this blessing as the result of what it looks like to be completely devoted to the purposes of God while at same time being the humblest person on the face of the earth.  Should we find that Christian, should we find that Jew even today walking somewhere on planet earth, no doubt his or her face would also be shining with presence of God.


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