Welcome to the Support Root Source page.

We are grateful that you are interested in partnering with us to promote and achieve the mission of Root Source.

We are leading the way in breaking down the millennia-old walls of mistrust and antagonism between Christians and Jews, and helping spread God’s Word as per Isaiah and Micah to help Christians worldwide understand their faith more deeply.

We welcome contributions to our Root Source Scholarship Fund, to subsidize students who cannot afford a subscription. Donations to this Fund are US tax-deductible through Teach For Israel, a 501(c)(3) corporation.

Look at these emails we got:

Hi Gidon,I would like to offer some support to the work of Root Source. I feel it is worthy work and G-d ordained in these last days.

It would be such a blessing to be able to contribute so that someone who is unable to afford the lessons could take them on scholarship. This could definitely be your nonprofit mission as I am sure there are many people who would like to take lessons but cannot even afford the lowest level.

I will send you a donation and keep Root Source in my prayers for continued growth in the future.

I see great things on the horizon for Root Source, and foresee whole churches using your lessons in discipleship training.


Vicki 🙂

P.S. Sorry to have everything revolve around taxes (need for the 501(c)(3)  but unfortunately in the U.S. we are tax poor!

And then – lo and behold! – we got this email from another Root Source member:

Dear Sir/Madam I have decided to stop the monthly installments as it is difficult for me to pay the monthly amount due to our weakening currency.

I hope in future to make use of your study material again



So We here at Root Source decided to bring both of these people together, and it just worked out wonderfully!

Dear Gidon I am so blessed!

Thank you very much for putting this new scholarship program in place. I shall surely sow the knowledge I glean with other Torah learners.

I am much obliged and may the donor/s be blessed!



And now we are happy to invite you to participate as well. Thanks to the generous support of people like you, we will offer needy, thirsty students a one-year subscription at full scholarship. Thank you for your donation today! Please complete the form below.