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Root Source Tours brings you some of the lesser known stories in the pivotal 24 hour period from 4 am May 14, 1948 to 4 am May 15 during the founding moments of the rebirth of the Nation of Israel after 2,000 years.

In concluding Part 3, we tell lesser known facts about the final 4 hours of the story including the US recognition of Israel, and David Ben-Gurion’s first night as leader of a reborn Israel. (12:41)


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8 thoughts on “24 Hours in 1948 – 3 – “These will Stand””

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    Walter Janusz

    Thank you Bob ….your presentation provides a window to see how the hand of God worked together with human actions in the fulfillment of the words of scripture

    .Isa 66:8 Who hath heard such a thing? who hath seen such things? Shall the earth be made to bring forth in one day? or shall a nation be born at once?

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    Barbara E Wilkins

    Bob, you are a great Orator. Thank you for these facts. Thank you Root Source for making them available!
    I didn’t want it to end. Hope you share more with us! Blessings Barb

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    Many thanks, Bob. These narrations are so compelling. They provide a ringside seat to the operation of the supernatural in the natural. Indeed heaven and earth will pass but the word of God stands sure and true. Ola

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      Dear Ola, you have just put your finger on the very heart of this series. Thank you! Blessings, Bob.

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    Jimmy Headstream1

    When you’ve done all you can “Then Stand”! Proud to know that even today Israel is alive and in spite of everything that has been thrown headlong at it, it Still Stands! That even today “The One Who Watches Over Israel Neither Slumbers Nor Sleeps” and keeps Israel safely protected under His Wings!

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