Passover. Passover is probably the best known Jewish holiday. Everybody knows it is Passover. The Hebrew word is Pesach – a word which is surprisingly difficult to translate. While the standard translation is still the favorite, there are others. In translating this word, perhaps we will find another image of God.

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    Rabbi Gedaliah, you describe Hashem’s “limping” Pesach (merciful protective passing over) homes with blood on the doorposts. Jacobs’s visitation-and-wrestling with the Angel, at Beit-El, left him with a limp. Was that from a
    pey-samech-chet experience of the gentler-sort also; do the two separate accounts share the theme of
    pey-samech-chet visitation from HaShem?

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      Rabbi Gdalia says:
      Hi Sharon,
      The experience of Jacob wrestling with the angel/man and being left limping does not employ this word in the text. Consequently, I do not believe that it is the result of ‘God limping’ to spare him. That was a damage that he suffered in the battle that left him injured. God’s ‘limping’ was a way of sparing the Israelites the brunt of the destruction that was dealt to the Egyptians on the night of the plague.
      I hope this helps.

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