On Wednesday January 31, 2018 the Western USA and Canada, the Pacific and much of Asia will see the first total lunar eclipse since 4th and final Blood Moon that occurred on September 28, 2015. Every time a string of four Blood Moons appears in the sky, it is perfectly normal for there to be a couple of years gap before the next lunar eclipse begins again, and this is that eclipse.

This eclipse is being billed as a rare one because it is the first time in quite a while that a blue moon — the second full moon in a given calendar month — is fully eclipsed. The combination of a blue moon being eclipsed, plus the moon being a bit closer than normal (not that anyone would notice this, but nonetheless it gets promoted as a “super moon”) is a combination of events that has not happened for about 150 years.

Full moon.  (Photo: Bob O’Dell)

However, we should not get too worked up about this rarity, because it has nothing to do with God, but only Emperor Julian and Pope Gregory who introduced a solar calendar to the world in 45 BCE and 1582 CE respectively.

You see, God requested that we consider the year to begin, not in Winter as it is today, but in Spring. In His calendar the new moon starts every month, and therefore the full moon must always be in the middle of the month. In God’s calendar introduced in Exodus 12 at the start of the Exodus, most years would still have 12 months, but every 3rd year or so would be 13 months long. This “12 or 13” month calendar would make perfect sense to the millions of Israelites who comprised either “12 or 13 tribes” depending on how you count them, who were, just then, being birthed as a nation.

Today’s current Gregorian calendar always and only has 12 months, which means that the months have to be longer than the cycle of the moon, allowing for, as is happening again this month, the possibility that two full moons can appear in a single calendar month. Our current Gregorian calendar causes us to ignore the moon. But in God’s calendar, all you have to do is to look at the moon, and you will pretty much know what is the day of the month.  Nice!

So please enjoy the moving sight of a beautiful eclipsed moon on Wednesday, but don’t consider it a rarity. The only rarity is the percentage of the world’s people — most of them Jews — who have any idea or interest in what God’s calendar is all about.

Bob O’Dell


4 thoughts on “See a Red — Not Blue — Lunar Eclipse On Wednesday”

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    What if I may ask is the significance of the new trees and do you think this is AT all connected with the 14 trees of old spoken of in the book of Enosh?

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      Dear Bruce, the short answer is, I don’t know. The book of Enoch mentions 14 kinds of evergreen trees, but this holiday is the start of the year for all the trees. I have not studied this holiday much personally, but I’m sure there is plenty of study on it in Jewish literature. Perhaps Gidon is aware of a good starter book for the study of trees in Jewish literature. Given the importance of trees in the garden of Eden, and the future of the leaves of the tree of life for the healing of the nations, I have to believe that this topic is of great prophetic importance. Blessings, Bob.

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    God has had 4 blood moons in a row many times before. When Christ was crucified there were four blood moons. passover and feast of tabernacles and passover feast of tabernacles two tears in a row. Another time it was when the Jews were driven out of spain. Two and two. Another time was when jews became a nation 1948 another six day war 1967 same pattern . the last time was 2014-2015 passover feast of tabernacles in 2014– passover feast of tabernacles 2015. we now have president who is a friend of benjamine netanyahu and the jewish nation. Donald Trump is the first u.s. president to pray at the wailing wall and now he recognizes jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

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      Dear Bob, you are speaking about one of our favorite topics! We wrote a book on the Blood Moons in 2015 and it was a best seller in that time period. Our theory of the Blood Moons was different than what was typically being said at that time, but has since been given a lot of positive feedback for the accuracy of the predictions. I hope you buy our book and write another comment with your thoughts after reading it! Go to http://israelfirstbook.com Blessings, Bob.

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