In this video, Gidon Ariel gives background information about Jerusalem’s Temple Mount and a bit of discussion about its status today, and concludes with a report from a visit he took together with Amichai and Rina Ariel, parents of Hallel who was murdered by terrorists in June 2016.

For more information about this special visit to the Temple Mount, see:

2 thoughts on “A Visit to the Temple Mount”

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    In June 2015, I had opportunity to ascend on the Temple Mount with our tour with “La Victoire de l’Amour”. I got to rejoice facing the East Gate … Actually rejoicing practically dancing back and forth between the two pillars there! The sun was shining beautifully and I will never forget! After that we went to the Kotel where I was able to pour out my heart to Hachem in deep deep prayer with my arms and forehead on the cold stones. After prayer, as I retreated, I saw a beautiful big dove nesting in crevice about 2/3 up the wall on the women’s side. It took my breath away. I want to paint this. God bless you and love from Ottawa Canada!!!

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    Dear Gidon, thanks so much for telling this story–so poignant. I’m glad the Ariel family stood up and stood out as they did. I wish they could have done more, but what they did was very, very brave. That picture of muslims facing mecca to pray, with their backsides to the Holy of Holies, says it all! What a farce. God will NOT be mocked. I can hardly believe the arrogance of it. I hope that one day, Israel will kick them all out.. There’s long-suffering, and then there is the Jew’s, and God’s, long-suffering. I long for this situation to be put right! I would like to be able to pray there with you. You are all incredibly brave, gracious and patient.

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