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From the Desk of Gidon Ariel

RE: The Relationship You Never Thought Was Possible


Gidon ArielMy name is Gidon Ariel. I know so many wonderful people all over this beautiful, amazing land I call home.

They are Israeli Jews who want to love God and the Bible with all their heart, soul, mind and strength.

And they are just plain nice, to boot.

The problem is that we are over on one side, and Christians are pretty much over on the other side.


So some friends and I had this idea that this gulf that separates us, has been there for way too long.

Like about one or two thousand years too long.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, and so were we. That YES, there are a couple small topics that we don’t agree upon.

But does that mean that there is no purpose to talking and understanding our respective cultures?

Can we not still be friends? Must we stay on our separate islands, with a giant gulf between us?


So last year, we started inviting a few Christians to connect with us over the Internet!

We asked them: what do you want from us, and from our nation? What could we provide that would interest you?

And we got amazing questions like…

        • What’s it like to be YOU? To be a Jew in Israel Today?
        • Are you afraid all the time? Most of the time?
        • How do you connect to each other, and to God?
        • What brings you joy?

And when we started answering those questions honestly, they started saying things that amazed us again!

        • Why are you TOTALLY DIFFERENT than what I expected?
        • I am understanding Jews in a whole new way!
        • I pray LONGER and DIFFERENTLY for Israel now, because I feel connected to you!
        • My Christian faith is being enriched and is getting stronger because I understand my roots better.
        • I’m starting to understand the mindset of those Jewish writers of the Bible.

So this IDEA is taking off. And in a few short months, we believe the Jews and Christians have already made…


…the largest movement of its kind in the world today!

Why is an idea that is so simple and powerful taken so long to get started?

Maybe because Christians really don’t understand us very well.

Here’s an amazing short interview with Canon Andrew White, the Vicar of Baghdad, endorsing Root Source!

So, let me tell you some secrets about us Jews that you may not know.

Secret #1.

We love to learn. In fact the goal of a Jewish teacher is to learn as much from the students as the students learning from the teacher!

It’s always been that way in our culture.

Secret #2.

Jews know that the best way to learn is to teach others!

So for thousands of years Jews have taught other Jews, all down thru the generations, in an unbroken chain.

But don’t think that this means that everyone agrees!

Maybe you heard the joke about anytime two Jews come together you get three opinions?

Secret #3.

We love God a lot! And we love the scriptures!

We believe every Hebrew word, even every letter is divinely inspired, and has meaning even today.

We hear that many, many Christians believe the same!

Secret #4.

Even though some people want to kill us, that does not change the fact that we consider all life to be precious!

All of us are made in the image of God!

We think that hating those who hate us, will never solve anything.

But neither do we shy away from the hardest jobs, like serving in the army.

That may seem like a contradiction but it’s not.

So How Do We Bridge This Great Gulf Between Our Worlds?

Here is a solution that we have found to help us connect!

  • Let’s use the power of the internet to share our interests with each other!
    We record a 10-15 minute video each week, and you watch it on your own schedule, 24/7, at a different place and time.
  • We will talk about things we have learned, and really open up to you as a friend opens up to another friend.
    You will learn two things at once — both what we know, and who we are. Christians tell us they learn something new each week,
    and that they love the experience!
  • Do you want to just listen and learn for a while? OK, no problem. You can pause, fast-forward and rewind any video we offer. Some Christians just want to be quiet and soak it in. That’s OK!
  • But, do you have a question or a comment? We allow you to contact us, either publicly or privately.
    Have you ever heard a teacher say ‘there is no dumb question’? We believe that too!
    We want to interact with you, and for you to be respected and affirmed in your learning. Questions are powerful.
  • We don’t bombard you with too much information! So take the first 4 weeks and sample SEVEN teachers and
    EIGHT different channels, and then pick two to continue learning week after week.
  • What kind of device do I need? Any computer or mobile device that can watch an internet video will work fine.
    We use the Khan Academy style, where we focus more on good audio and slides, with an occasional live video.
    Think of it as if you are looking over the instructor’s shoulder rather than facing the instructor.
    This means that you can learn a lot by just listening, which is especially great for people ‘on the go’.
    Or just download the video and listen/watch it later.
  • What Topics can we Learn About Together? We have EIGHT Channels launched right now,
    each one providing you one 10-15 minute video each week.
    You sample any or all of these for the first 4 weeks to see what you like…
  • Jewish History and Our Future (And Yours)
  • Understanding How We Pray – Jewish Prayer
  • Our View of Great Leadership – Moses: Profile of a Leader
  • Understanding Islam – The Five Deceptions
  • Understanding Our Connection to the Land – Israel and the Nations
  • Wisdom of Solomon – Proverbially Speaking
  • Greatest Sayings of the Greatest Rabbis – Chapters of the Fathers
  • Biblical Hebrew – Start Reading from Genesis 1:1

Our Teachers and Rabbis, who are my friends, have strong English skills even though they have lived in Israel for a long time,
in some cases more than thirty years.

So How Much is Connecting with Israel Worth?

I know that many Christians love Israel and want to follow the path of Genesis 12:3 that God wants non-Jews to be a blessing to Jews.
So please know this first – Just joining Root Source is in itself a blessing to the nation of Israel. Why?

First, because all our teachers and staff live in Israel, whatever we earn supports the Israeli economy.

Second, because every person who joins Root Source, sends a message to our Jewish friends around the world that says:
YES, Christians and Jews can bridge the gulf and learn from each other in a healthy environment.

Third, because if you can learn something that can make you a stronger Christian, we will be (thru you) making the world a better place.

Fourth, as you get to know and appreciates us personally, it will make you a stronger advocate for our nation,
and we need all the friends we can get in the tough road ahead of us!

Some organizations would now start asking you to donate $500 or $1000 dollars to the Nation of Israel.

We won’t do that.

We want to give you something of great value for a small price, in hopes that you will tell your friends about us too!

Many organizations would now ask you for $49/month, or $39/month, or $29/month.

We won’t do that either.

Instead we are going to do something that you may not understand unless you have learned how Jews care for other Jews.

We are going to tell you our standard price is $19/month.

But in the Jewish way, we also want to say, we know that some of you cannot afford $19/month, but you still want to bless Israel!

So if you need a discount – those of you who need it – you can go for $14/month.

And we know that some people love Israel a lot but are in a very tight situation. So we will offer it to you for $7/month.

So there you have it – three monthly prices, and you pick what you can afford.
It is between you and God, we believe that Christians will pay a price they can afford to bless our nation.

Still Not Sure About this Idea?

Well here is where we make it very easy.

For the first 4 weeks we are going to let you sample the first 4 lessons on every channel Free For a Month.

So just $0 for the first 4 weeks

and then just $1000 $500 $49 $39 $29

$19, $14, or $7/month

after that.

So Join Root Source.

Connect with Us.

And Let’s Start a Relationship that Jews and Christians Never Thought Possible!

——————————— (Gidon to copy this from Shimshon)




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Contact us via our Help Desk

          • The teaching is solid.
          • There is more ‘tenderness’ present in Israeli culture, and in these teachers than I would have anticipated.
          • Root-Source to me is a connection with our Jewish roots.
          • The personal information about them revealed during the lessons keeps me relating to them personally
          • I feel like I’m encountering something authentic.
          • The 10 for me is getting more acquainted with Israeli culture and their approach to God.
            It’s significantly different than what I think my image was.
          • Root Source is a remarkable, historic undertaking.
          • When I listen to a lesson, I am learning not just from the content, but also their way of teaching.
          • Credentialed people with humble attitudes
          • Very professional, well-organized, invites me to explore and participate efficiently—“high class”
          • I really like the personality and approach of the Rabbis and teachers.
          • Respectful presentations—information conveyed without guile, without condescension, without trying to convince
          • I like their humility and the way they keep reaching out to draw us in.
          • I’m realizing more and more how much I don’t know about Israel and Jewish people.
          • It invites me to know more simply for the purpose that God might have in my knowing more!
          • My favorite thing about Root Source are the nuggets of insight I receive about Jews and Israel
          • Conveys comfort and peace from within the presenter to me as a listener—encourages me to receive, to be teachable
          • Enjoying the ruminating! Awesome!
          • The better I get acquainted with Jews and Jewish culture, the more ‘real’ Israel seems to me,
            and that helps and encourages me to pray.
          • Thank You for Root-Source! The classes are appreciated for their excellent education and the personal interaction.
          • Do you realize you are doing something prophetic here?
          • I like it that these guys seem to know their stuff, but even more so, I appreciate their attitude.
            It’s just surprising to me, honestly.
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