Are we in a Jubilee Year? What should a Jubilee year look like? What has happened, and what should happen in a Biblical Jubilee Year?

In this presentation Bob O’Dell presents some of the findings presented in the new Root Source book entitled, Jubilee NOW!

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    If we truly are on the same road to find out about the Jubilee year, then let us all read all the sign posts along the way.

    I have read many signs in the TENACH and also in the Brit Hadesha(Christian Bible). Let us look at all the facts and then come to the table to discuss when and how soon we will be with our Messiah.
    May he come soon…even in our time!


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    On the first day of the Jewish feast of Hanukkah (which celebrates Israel’s victory over her surrounding enemies) in December 1917, the Battle of Jerusalem resulted in the city of Jerusalem falling to British forces led by General Allenby, after 400 years under Turkish rule. General Allenby walk into Jerusalem on December 11, 1917, which was exactly 40 days after the Balfour Declaration of November 2, 1917, God’s timing is always amazing! Forty days holds prophetic significance in the Scriptures in the lives of Jesus, Moses and Elijah, along with the flood event and restoration, etc, and will hold significance during the appointed times of the end.

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      Dear Kevin, this is very interesting. I had looked at this in the past and counted Nov 2 to Dec 11 as 38 days, or 39 days inclusive (meaning that November 2 and December 11 are both counted), so it was not quite 40. However, your thought about 40 days sparks an idea. The key victory that spelled the end of Turkish rule in Palestine was the surprise, and crushing defeat of the Turks at Beersheva on October 31. Every Turk in Palestine knew at that moment “we have lost the war.” From that victory, the Turks would have exactly 40 days to get out of Jerusalem safely, because the British took over on day 41. So the 40 days was like a flood that washed away the Turkish army. Thanks for seeding that idea! Blessings, Bob.

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