Author: Gidon Ariel

Published Date: May 15, 2016

632px-Jollain_PassoverBernard F Brzostek Jr asks:

Could you please tell me where I can find a list for the exact day Passover began in the years between BC10 – AD40.
Thank you, and GOD Bless.

Thanks for asking Bernard!

I have done some googling for you and found these two sites:

this calculator might be helpful too:

but mostly your question, I am guessing, is to help you figure something out about the Crucifixion.
If these websites help you, I am happy I have helped you; but from a Jewish perspective, this is not really a pressing issue.

I am finding that many of the people Asking the Rabbi on this site are not clear about the boundaries between Judaism and Christianity, and perhaps assume Judaism is a wiser, older sect of Christianity.
I hate to burst bubbles, but this is NOT the case.

Judaism is the basis of Christianity but has close to zero aspects that relate to Jesus or Christianity. The foreshadowing in the Old Testament, for example, is only noticeable by Christians; Jews are quite comfortable with our reading of the Jewish Bible that has no hints at all about Jesus or Christianity.
That being stated, we have found that many Christians find this “Jesus-less” Judaism and the ideas that it teaches to be often beautiful and often helpful to them when they try to figure out and enhance their own Christian identity.

If this sounds like you, or at least you are willing to try to see if it does, Root Source is for you!
If, however, like many people who have considered Root Source, you are uncomfortable learning anything that has anything to do with religion from anyone without a clear authorised Statement of Christian Faith, then we can part as friends, I understand your feelings and respect them.

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