Author: Gidon Ariel

Published Date: June 09, 2016

miriamDanceSmallVivian wrote:

Shalom.. I have been studying women of the Old Testament.. In some midrash, it was mentioned that Miriam did not speak during the wandering in the desert after getting punished for speaking ill of her brother Moses.. However, there was a living well of water that followed her.. Any insights into this would be more than helpful.
Thank you so much!

Our teacher Rivkah Adler, teacher of the Women in the Bible course at Root Source answers:
Miriam is such a strong character in the Bible.. I’m not familiar with the midrash you mentioned, but I would be careful assuming that a lack of mention in the Bible assumes that she stopped speaking after the incident where she was punished for speaking about Moshe.. The Bible doesn’t record every detail of the lives of all personalities.. For example, after the death of Sarah, very little is mentioned about Avraham, although we know he lived long enough to remarry and have more children.

Here’s a link to the major midrashim on Miriam which you might enjoy:

If you can tell me the source of the midrash you mentioned, I’d be interested in looking it up.. You can write to me at

Rivkah Lambert Adler

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