Author: Bob O'Dell

Published Date: December 14, 2016

We made a promise in our book Israel FIRST! to continually watch to see what God is doing, and report back to you about our predictions. It continues to amaze us how many of you told us that was refreshing to hear!

Probably our most important prediction in the whole book was that the Blood Moons were a sign of God’s eternal covenant to bring the Jews back to Israel, and not a sign that the end of the age and the Gog/Magog war against Israel.  This particular prediction continues to strengthen with each passing day.

But the surprising Brexit vote in the UK, and Trump win in the United States requires us to step back and take an honest look at the four seven-year cycles prediction in the chapter we wrote about Leviticus 26 called:  God’s Seven Year Forecast. That is the subject of this update.

For sure the seven-year periods of 2001-2008, and 2008-2015 fit the pattern well. That was not a prediction, because it was that very pattern that suggested the idea to us in the first place! It got us thinking about whether God was in the process of judging America in a series of four 7-year periods.

We said on p. 199 that if the model was correct, then the third seven-year pattern would begin, not with financial downturn, but with an increase in the manner and type of terrorism and possibly some form of pestilence. “I will unleash the beasts of the field among you who will bereave you of your children and reduce your number…”  That seemed to happen with ISIS sponsored terrorism, that mainly affected the young people around the world, and Zika that not only affected babies but quite literally reduced their heads.  (It never ceases to amaze me about how God’s promises can be fulfilled quite literally, in order to get our attention.)

But towards the end of that first year, 5776, the UK voted to leave the UN, and then early in Jewish year 5777, the millions upon millions of prayers for revival in the USA has resulted in a startling shift in the American political landscape. It seems that the downward slide of institutionalized immorality may at least be slowed if not halted for the next four to eight years.


Now to be fair to ourselves, the model we found in Leviticus said very clearly that the sequence of four 7-year cycles of continually increasing judgment, COULD BE HALTED WITH REPENTANCE.

Nevertheless, what does this do to our predictions?  I see four possibilities.

  1. IRRELEVANT. Perhaps the recent events show that the Leviticus 26 model we put forward was wrong from the beginning. It never applied to the Western World, only to the Israel of the Bible.
  2. BEST CASE. Perhaps the model is right, but because of repentance, we have turned the corner and have started on a new course with God. Therefore the model WAS right, but the slate has now been wiped clean and so we are starting afresh.
  3. PAUSE. Perhaps the model is right, and is still in force, but God has pressed the PAUSE button for the next 4 years or so.  We need to finish the job of repenting in the next 6 years or God will ratchet up the pressure on us yet again by Fall of 2022.
  4. WORST CASE. Perhaps, the model is right, and the good news about Brexit and Trump is just window dressing. Things are not so good as they seem.

Of these four alternatives, I believe that the PAUSE case is the most likely. And while the jury is still out on how America will fare under Trump, the Brexit is certainly great news for the UK.

But PAUSE does not mean that the financial markets have also to pause.  The markets in the current year of 5777 are blowing past the high water marks that were set in the Shemitah year of 5775, and the Jubilee year of 5776. Our suggestion that the markets of the Western World may have peaked in May 2015,  was wrong. We will be much more cautious about such predictions in the future!

In summary, it seems that our prayers for God’s MERCY have been answered. Let us use this period of time, whatever amount of time God gives us, to be about the Lord’s business, and to do our part in helping His kingdom to increase on the earth.

One final note. I heard from a revivalist last week, who said that before the election, there were so many prayer events scheduled he could not even count them all. H said that now after the election is over: “I can’t even name one such event for 2017.”  This should be a sign to us that our work is not yet done.

Dear Lord, may we never confuse your Mercy with Repentance.



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