Author: Gidon Ariel

Published Date: June 08, 2015

We teachers at Root Source knew that the subject matter that we teach is very special. We had a feeling that there are some Christians who are curious about it, and thought it would be interesting to teach this out-of-the-ordinary (for us) audience.

We have found that you all are an extraordinary audience!

Here is one of the countless feedback messages that we have received. Sharon’s writing style is quite distinctive, and she asks a question about learning methods that I hope all of our teachers will try to weigh in about. And of course, other students are encouraged as always to chime in as well!

I am soooooo privileged to serve and learn at my Savior’s feet, from His precious Y’Hudites who guard His Torah — this is a majestic honor!

Mr. Ariel, I know of no other way than old-school-memorization, to lay up Abba’s Torah treasure in my heart that I might not sin against Him. You, my Jewish family,from toddlerhood thru years of age, excel at storing up His Torah; what memorization skills help you? Singing the psukim? Writing them? Praying them?

I’ve loved scripture memorization since childhood, and it’s even more rewarding to speak/write/pray scripture IN HEBREW! But I’m extreeeeemely a beginner in Hebrew, (learning also from Mr. Seth Young’s Biblical Hebrew class). I want to know from experienced Jewish Students-of-Torah, what skills you practice, to increase and develop the hiding-away of His Torah in our heart?

I bless the El of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, for you all at Root-Source, and for your labored efforts daily, to give of yourselves, to us, that “the knowledge of YHVH would fill all the earth.” I realize that learning of Him, from exiled ‘western’ approach, falls sooooooo short of the honorable obedient service due Him.

“Home,” to me, is not “Christianity,” not my family name, not the U.S. “Home” is the “people/house” of the Creator of the Universe, revealed in Tanakh, and His ways are EASTERN, His People are Beit Yisrael! How, Mr. Ariel, can I apply this truth, in the Fear of Him, to storing up Torah in my heart that I might not sin against Him?


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