Author: Gidon Ariel

Published Date: April 13, 2020


Donna wrote:

Thank you for being such a light! My question concerns the different sacrifices. The burnt offering was
done, (I think), 3 times a day in the Temple courtyard on the brazen altar. Were the sacrifices for sin
offered on the same altar or somewhere else? I will study more, but I’m not clear on where the sin
offerings took place. Shalom!

Gidon responded:

Hi! I asked Rabbi Aryeh Lupo, an expert in these issues, and here is his answer:

The daily offering, called the Tamid, is offered twice a day, morning and evening.
The sin offerings are also on the same altar, after the morning Tamid and before the evening Tamid.
There is only one altar for sacrifices, the outer altar, constructed with stones, in the courtyard.
And the inner altar, the golden altar, was in the Temple, for the incense. That is where the lamp to the south and the table to the north were.

The copper altar , also called the brazen altar, was only in the tabernacle in the desert, it was mobile.
In the temple, the copper altar was replaced with the one made of whole stones that were never touched by iron.

Keep studying!

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