Author: Gidon Ariel

Published Date: February 26, 2019

Dylan asked:
I recently stumbled an article about the temple mount and the construction of the third temple.
After Trump recognised Jerusalem as the capital of Israel there has been a huge push to the construction of the temple

Gidon answered:
not in this country. Maybe on some facebook page.

Dylan asked:
and also a peace deal between Palestinians and the Jews.

Gidon answered:
There is talk about this, but there has been such talk for fifty years,
we’ll see it when we see it.

Dylan asked:
Do you think that the peace deal has already been prepared

Gidon answered:
that is what the media is leading us to believe.
Of course, it is a proposal,not a deal, the deal will be negotiated
between the Is and the Ps based on the Trump proposal.

Dylan asked:
and what measures will it have on construction of the third temple.

Gidon answered:
Things can happen, but I doubt this will have anything to do
with the building of the third temple.

Dylan asked:
I read that the in the deal the saudis may be involved to act as a decoy for
the peaceful transition of control and coexistence of the Jews, jordanians
and the palestinians

Gidon answered:
read that with a critical eye.

Dylan asked:
and there might be a division of the temple mount on which the temple may
be constructed along Alquisa mosque without bringing war.

Gidon answered:
I am sorry, but I think there is zero chance of that happening.
Some optimists think that the temple can be build anywhre but on the
exact spot where the Dome of the Rock is now, but it cannot be.

Dylan asked:
Its a topic that is trivial and prophetic as it will usher in the
Antichrist then the glorious coming of the Messiah.

Gidon answered:
People treating each other kindly will usher in the Messiah.
The Antichrist is not a Jewish concept so I have no comment on that.

Dylan asked:
The tools and equipments for the temple are in preparation

Gidon answered:
Yes, that is true

Dylan asked:
and i think the copper scrolls found in Qumran have been decoded and the
temple treasures which goes back to King Solomon are hidden along Qumran
area which may also include the Ark of the covenant.

Gidon answered: These are all wishful thinking. Again, crazier things have
happened and will happen, but I do not subscribe to these ideas

Dylan asked: Do you think all these events will happen sooner or later
and its just waiting for a sign to be revealed to the World?

Gidon answered:
I believe with a perfect faith that the Messiah will come when God thinks
it is the right time, and I am trusting Him that all will be for the best

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