Author: Gidon Ariel

Published Date: November 01, 2015

As we emphasize here in Root Source, the most important thing about us is relationship. Our teachers are not just “spit out the material and get outta here” types – we recognize that we must meet the student where he or she is, and connect with them. This has been the Jewish way for thousands of years.

Read this sample of an interaction between Rabbi Ken Spiro, one of our popular teachers, and a student of his here on Root Source:

Susan said:

This was such a revealing talk and I am (naively no doubt) quite appalled that Jews should think that I might want to “convert” anyone, no matter what their religion might be. I find the idea of attempting to convert a practicing and observant Jew both patronizing and offensive.
I have always felt that we are all exactly where HaShem wants us to be. I am absolutely enraged at any hint of Antisemitism, particularly if the offender is “Christian” (whatever that means). How can you say that you follow Christ if you hate Jews ? That has to be a contradiction in terms. As I have said before Rabbi, my mother was Jewish although completely non observant, so perhaps that’s where my deep feeling of connection arises. But please believe me when I state that I have no hidden agenda whatsoever. I simply care quite passionately about Israel and the Jewish nation. I am currently extremely upset at the news that Rachel’s Tomb and the Tomb of the Patriarchs have been declared Muslim Holy Sites. Where exactly does that leave us ? Will the rest of us, Jews and Christians alike, be banned from going there now? For the first time I have become seriously worried and actually scared about what is happening in the Middle East. It is our duty to pray hard and earnestly for Israel. I promise you, I do.

Here is what Ken answered:

Hi Susan, Sadly, historically, the church was the source of much of the anti-Semitism throughout history and even Islamic anti-Semitism has its roots in Christian antisemitism and was “imported” into the Middle East by the Mufti of Jerusalem before WWII. Nor am I surprised that you are so passionate about this since you ARE Jewish and it IS in your soul.
Yes the situation is very scary and God is testing the nations now to see what side they are on. When the Messiah does come and the nations will be judged–their UN voting record will speak for itself. All the Best, Rabbi Ken

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