Author: Gidon Ariel

Published Date: March 15, 2015

We interrupt the amazing, struck-a-nerve Blood Moons season discussion we are having here and all over the Internet (see some links here, here, and here) for an important, elephant-in-the-room message.

Someone just emailed me with the simple question:

Do you teach anything from the New Testament? I don’t see anything about Jesus on your web site.

Here is my answer:

Thank you for writing.
Our website is pushing the envelope for two faith communities.
For Jews, (I am one myself) we are “coming out” and explicitly teaching Torah to Christians who are interested in learning from us. We are talking about from a Jewish perspective, contemporary Orthodox Jewish, so understandably Jesus is not highlighted for the most part.
For Christians, that willingness and interest to study from non-Christian Jews is also, understandably, a courageous step.
If this is not for you, no problem, we understand that it is not for everybody.
If it is, welcome!

What do you think? Please join in in the comments below!


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