Author: Gidon Ariel

Published Date: September 22, 2017


Raja wrote:
In your messages, you teach from old testament teaching and new testament teaching. New testament teaching is Jesus the Messiah.  But you don’t believe it.  Christians take up the cross and walk behind Jesus. But you don’t. Then why do you quote and teach from the New Testament?

Gidon responded:
Hi Raja, thanks for writing!

Some very small part of our teachings are done by Bob O’Dell, our Christian co-founder, and some other Christian teachers from time to time. They are invited to teach from the New Testament as they see fit.

Our Jewish teachers rarely quote the New Testament, but if and when they do, it is to drive home a point, usually not related to Jesus’ messiahship or divinity. Even if we would insinuate that, it would be as per the students’ perspective, not ours. We encourage Christians to deepen their faith, not renounce it.
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