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Bless Teachers!

I wanted to share the upcoming Root Source Bless Teachers Campaign ZOOMATHON with you.

I am trying out a new fundraising platform called Givebutter, using it to raise $10,000 for Root Source Teachers! Naturally, the campaign is called Bless Teachers:-)

It is our first significant crowdfunding event, and I am really excited about it!

We will have a chock full program, just like the old Jerry Lewis telethons (remember him?:-)

The program will include music, Torah teachings, interviews, virtual tours of Israel, Q&A from the audience, and of course raising money to bless our beloved Root Source teachers!

The Root Source Bless Teachers Campaign ZOOMATHON will be held this coming Tuesday, September 15, at 11:30 AM Central time, 12:30 East Coast and 9:30 West Coast. 19:30 Israel time:-)

Please be sure to grab a ticket today! Click the Free Ticket/Donate button at

ALSO – we want more of our closest friends to step up and be team members. This can mean as little as nothing, just being on the Team Members list, but ultimately it means reaching out to people who you think would enjoy the program and appreciate learning about Root Source and identify with our values and vision.

Here is a description of a Team Member.

If you feel called to be a Team Member, reach out to me by email or simply click the Join the Team button at

PS share this email with people who you think would appreciate getting it please. Thanks!

More information about the campaign below!

Thanks, Gidon

Here it is, the Root Source Bless Teachers Campaign:

Here is a short video describing why we are running this campaign to bless Root Source Teachers!

Please join our team! Complete this form and we will sign you up. You can also call me at (516) 321-1846 and I will take your details and questions. Or simply click the “Join the Team” button below and do it yourself!

What’s next?

The way that it works:

  1. On Sunday and Monday, September 13 and 14, the days before the event, we will have a “team member fun huddle” live on Zoom to clarify any questions about it. See for details.
  2. On Tuesday September 15, we will have a ZOOMATHON! In this Zoomathon (remember the Jerry Lewis Telethons?) we will provide Torah teachings, interviews, music, and short entertaining conversations with donors and potential donors and team members. This is going to be a lot of fun!

Please grab a ticket for the Zoomathon and show your gratitude to Root Source Teachers!