Once again, Breaking Israel News covered Root Source Israel First! Campus Campaign Project.

Online educational institute Root Source is reaching out to thousands of millennial college students, one of the most desirable and difficult demographics for the pro-Israel cause, in order to spread the word of God’s prophetic work in the Holy Land.

The purpose of the project, called the Millennials and Students Campaign, is to “raise consciousness about Israel amongst mostly Christian millennials, both pro-Israel and less so,” explained Root Source co-founder Gidon Ariel.

To do so, Root Source is distributing 6,000 free copies of its book Israel FIRST! to students on college and university campuses, churches, and communities throughout the United States, with the help of dozens of liaisons who each receive a shipment of 30 books to hand out to friends and peers.

Israel FIRST! is a best-selling book aimed at teaching Christians about the prophetic and Biblical events which surround Israel in modern days, including blood moons, Shmittah, promises to Israel, and the Jubilee. Endorsed by numerous Christian and Jewish leaders, the book, written by Ariel and his co-founder Bob O’Dell, gives Christians “a key to understanding how to make sense of all the theories and how they all fit together.”

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