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Please comment below with the name of the video you liked best! The video with the most comments will will a...
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Thank you for coming to this page! Please leave your comments below and with God’s help a community will take...
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begun giving a short weekly teaching on the Weekly Portion for the Temple Institute. We are grateful to our friends at the Temple Institute who have allowed us to provide Rabbi Meyer’s teachings here too. If you’ve never been to the Temple Institute’s...

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Our musical friend Yehudah Katz would like to say a few words about his brand new song and video. Dear Friends, For the past 6 months to four years we have seen a very sad situation of growth of hatred and dissension in...

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Hi, Gidon here. This topic might be over the heads of some of our Root Source readers, but others (including you, I’m sure:-) will be excited about this development as I am. This rabbi, Rabbi Eliezer Melamed, is one of the most important...

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Christian visitors to Israel are likely already familiar with Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel, a modern day pioneer in Israel who, along with his partner Rabbi Ari Abramowitz, is transforming the Arugot Farm in Judea into a must-visit destination for lovers of the Bible from...

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Our good friend Pastor Trey Graham is leading a tour to Israel. Here is some info, click through for more! Highly recommended. Want to walk where Jesus walked? Want to learn the Bible in the places where it was written? Want to see...

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Bob O’Dell recently lost his father, Paul H. O’Dell, Jr. at age 93 1/2 in San Antonio Texas. He says a few words about him below. Bob’s Comments: Both my father and mother were pro-Israel Christians during their lives.  Their work plowed the...

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Root Source interviews Britt Lode from Norway and learn about her life and passion for light in many forms. In part 1, she begins her story in Norway. In part 2, she tells the unique way in which she “discovered” the Jewish roots...

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Root Source interviews Britt Lode from Norway and learn about her life and passion for light in many forms. In concluding part 4, she shares what she has learned from the experience and how she is shining light into the nations, today. Video...

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