IMPORTANT NOTE: This blog was published days before the horrifying attack at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Our hearts go out to the victims and their families.

When we wrote our book, Israel FIRST!, we promised to score ourselves on the various predictions we made. The book was written between the time of the legalization of Gay Marriage in the United States in June 2015, but before the end of the Shemitah year in September 2015.  As of June 2015, the United States was the 20th such Western nation to make the Gay Marriage decision.

In Chapter 15, Shemitah and Society, we made five or six predictions about the impact of this landmark decision. How have those predictions fared, so far?

Gay Marriage is like a hydrogen bomb.

This was explained in the book as an analogy to a wild atomic reaction that creates a much bigger impact over time than the “atomic bomb” of abortion on demand. This prediction is unfortunately showing signs of being correct. Here in America we are already seeing the first stage of that runaway reaction being fulfilled in the transgender issues that have already taken front and center stage. In the latest example, Massachusetts on June 1 passed a new law replacing the term “sex” with “gender identity.” However, the full impact of the Gay Marriage decision will certainly take years, and we will continue to watch this one.

Because God is slow to anger and abounding in lovingkindness, He may give us a few years to come to our collective senses and reverse this specific Gay Marriage interpretation.

In the book we went on to say that He might give us seven years. I would also say that this prediction is also showing every sign of being correct – at least the first part – the delay of specific judgment for homosexual sin. Remember, we described the primary sin as redefining God’s covenant, and that as such it was a sin directly against God. The pattern we presented in another chapter called “God’s Seven Year Forecast” looks to Leviticus to demonstrate the idea that national judgments are expressed in seven year cycles, not just in a Sabbatical year.

Because of the massive, dominant sin culture that has taken hold in our Western nations, God has every right to judge us severely, and that response is ripe to begin immediately.

Here our point was that if God were to judge us in this new seven year cycle, He would judge us for heterosexual sin first. Has this prediction been correct? That “yes or no” answer depends on whether you see the Zika outbreak in South and Central America as God’s judgment for heterosexual sin. The fact that it can be directly communicated from person to person through sexual intercourse, the fact that it causes birth defects in unborn children in the womb, and the fact that Zika started in Brazil which leads the world in casual heterosexual sex, leads me to propose an answer “yes” to that question, as discussed in a previous blog post.

But let me hasten to say that “South and Central America” is not “all the Western nations,” which was the basis of the prediction. How would it spread to affect more nations? The World Health Organization (WHO) is so worried about Zika spreading that they have asked the Olympic Committee to either cancel or relocate the Olympics. Wow! Imagine all the money that would be lost to so many hands if that were the case. As if Brazil wasn’t already in enough chaos from the impeachment of their prime minister Dilma Rouseff. The WHO is very concerned about the spread of Zika to many new countries.



Regarding Gay Marriage, we should begin looking for what may be a “new” kind of response from God. He may choose to unleash confusion on false marriage covenants just as He did with the Tower of Babel.

This prediction has not happened, at least not yet, as far as we can see. We will need to revisit this issue again every few years, but for now we score it as a “miss.”

If the secularists have their way, Christians will be placed in virtual exile, attacking us with legal ramifications and challenges…We also believe that where sin abounds, grace abounds even more. I believe in the coming days, we will see greater miracles taking place to restore and heal battered individuals from sexual sin.

The first part of this is clearly true, with the attacks on freedom of religious expression, particularly to legally squelch, or intimidate into silence, anyone who would dare to publicly call homosexuality a sin. In a strange double-standard, the fact that Muslims not only call homosexuality at sin, but even persecute those who engage in that practice, is treated with a deafening silence in the main stream media.

Regarding the second part of this prediction, the greater miracles, I believe they will come. Yet, we will need to revisit that, and they may only be released in a large way at the same time that revival is released in the Western world.

While the first part of this prediction is hard to measure, the trend which was in place before the book came out, seems to be continuing at the present time. The second part of the sentence above is less prediction than it is a Biblical certainty. It is partly for that reason that we believe God commissioned Root Source to be a place where Jew and Gentile could engage with each other.