Published Date: July 21, 2020

David Ha'ivriBringing the Bible Down to Ground

David Ha’ivri is Jewish leader and educator, is a veteran Root Source teacher. He joined this educational initiative from startup in 2014 and has reached thousands of enthusiastic Bible students around the world on this platform. He has been at the forefront of building bridges of understanding and brotherhood between Jews and Christians for the better part of the past three decades.

He is a Torah observant Jew and lives with his family in the Biblical Heartland of Israel in the Shomron where he serves as a councilman. He is an advisor to philanthropists who seek his advice on worthwhile programs in Israel. He is a political strategist and has appeared in conferences at Capital Hill in Washington D.C., at the House of Lords in London and European Parliament in Brussels. He is often asked to appear on major TV news outlets to share his perspective on hot current events dealing with Israel and the Middle East.

He is currently studying to be a licensed Israel tour guide and runs the popular Israel Heartland Virtual Tour channel on youtube.



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