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Andre Gasiorowski

Dr. Andre Gasiorowski

Helping Hand Coalition
Caesarea, Israel

What is the main focus of your activities today?
Support to people in need living in Israel.

How long have you been doing that?
30 years

What are some of the successful related programs or projects that you have done this year and in past years?
Reaching out to organize support to over 100,000 people in need.

How did you get to where you are today?
Through understanding that heart of GOD is to do HIS work through each individual person who responds to HIS calling.

What is your “testimony”?
I am a medical doctor, also a businessman. I was raised up by my parents as a Christian Zionist. My father was pastor of Evangelical Christian church in Poland. My mother told me she is Jewish when I was 30 y.o. Having deep understanding of both Evangelical Christian and Jewish society, it become my mission to build bridges between Jews and Christians.

What do you think God is doing with regard to Jewish-Christian relations?
We are living in end times. After thousand years Jews were persecuted and mistreated by nominal Christians, HIS will is to bring peace

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