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Jair Jehuda

Dr. Jair Jehuda

Mitzpe Netofa Lower Galilee, Israel

What is the main focus of your activities today?
a) Solidifying e-Noam values: Vision, Mission, Core Values
b) Expanding our weekly study: Beyond our weekly Parsha studies, topic focused study with additional rabbis and teachers. In a long Shavuot 2019 weekend, 17 Christians from four continents joined us in Mitzpe Netofa, yielding a Torah-based program for the Africa project being launched in Uganda.
c) Africa Project: In partnership with the Uganda government, ARC and JAFI, more than 50 pilot agricultural communities will be established in Africa using biblical and Israel-inspired social models and technologies to bring blessing to Africa.
d) Compass platform: Successful pilots will soon yield the development of a digital social platform that will enable Jews and Christians anywhere to engage in biblical study, service, song and touring together – thereby deepening relationships and understanding while expanding our reach.
e) Partnerships: JAFI/CAFI, CJCUC, 929, Israeli Shmita, Root Source, others
f) Publishing: Ten from the Nations, @One – How a deeper understanding of our Bible can bring all of us together (work in progress)

How long have you been doing that?
Weekly parsha studies since 2010, Compass platform since 2016, Africa project since 2019

What are some of the successful related programs or projects that you have done this year and in past years?
Baruch Hashem, all of the aforementioned programs and projects are developing nicely

How did you get to where you are today?
Curiosity from a “chance” meeting with Dean, a sense of calling, passion and prayer

What is your “testimony”?
“For a detailed testimony, see my “”Love Him as Yourself”” at My elevator pitch, however would be the following.
As in Psalms 126, when the Nations tell us that Hashem is doing great things for us, we should listen and start to figure out Hashem’s purpose in this. Having told us from the onset that He has chosen us to become a priestly nation, the time has come for us to figure out what that means. We can start practicing with Christianity because we are from the same womb, but our ultimate target must be all of humanity and creation itself. My experience in eNoam has taught me how exhilarating and rewarding this role can be. How our love for others, like Hashem’s love, can transcend our own amazing nation to people from other faiths and nations. How the Temple has indeed been designated by Hashem as a platform for transforming all nations into One blessed family under Hashem. It would appear to be a tall order, but it is now evident to all nations how crucial this is to human survival. And a growing number of Christians have begun to realize that it is our job to lead this transformation together with a growing number of biblically minded people from all nations. Beyond studying His word together we must also learn to serve Him together as we are destined to in the Temple. Like Solomon with Hiram, we must learn to appreciate the unique gifts that Hashem has blessed us with so that we can build that Temple together. We must learn to love each other and care for each other like a family. “

What do you think God is doing with regard to Jewish-Christian relations?
A growing number of Jews, Christians and others are awakening to Hashem’s calling to become one family, celebrating our joint Father/Mother together. To this end He has banished us from our walled segregated synagogues and churches, calling upon us to reconsider the nature of our relationship with Him, ourselves and each other.

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