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Jonathan Feldstein

Jonathan Feldstein

Genesis 123 Foundation – Run for Zion
Efrat, Israel

What is the main focus of your activities today?
Building relationships in ways that are new, unique and meaningful, particularly and

How long have you been doing that?
15 years

What are some of the successful related programs or projects that you have done this year and in past years? is a hugely successful program that was interrupted by the COVID19 pandemic. The key to the success is and has been creating personal connections, not simply monetizing relationships and objectifying Christians as a faith based ATM. I have worked on other successful programs over the years that have enabled this and have become the foundation of what I am doing today which is the most exciting.

How did you get to where you are today?
After representing organizations that really only wanted to have a “relationship” as far as fund raising from Christians, I was provoked to search within and determine what was really important. Relationships cannot be one way. I have been blessed by the friendship and support of many who share the vision and this unique model and pray that we will continue to grow with an unlimited set of new ideas and ways to connect.

What is your “testimony”?
In the late 1980s I was in a church for the first time representing Israel’s Foreign Ministry. I saw Christians dressed in blue and white costumes, dancing Israeli folk dances, and singing Hebrew songs. I didn’t understand why they cared about Israel much less celebrated and loved Israel. That’s where God called me to build bridges between Jews and Christians, a path that’s taken me many fascinating directions and opened doors and eyes I never could have imagined. It’s directed my life, and made me a better Jew. I am truly grateful and blessed by the opportunities I have been afforded and by being one small part of a dynamic growing relationship between Jews and Christians.

What do you think God is doing with regard to Jewish-Christian relations?
God is opening the eyes of Jews to realize that Christians today are not the same as those who professed Christianity over the centuries, at whose hands countless horrors were committed against us. God is opening the eyes of Christians to realize that Judaism is central to Christianity, turning the tide on replacement theology. God is bringing the two faith people who worship Him closer to one another and closer to Him.

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