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Susan Lhota

AFFI/Alliance For The Future Of Israel
Worthington, Ohio USA

What is the main focus of your activities today?
AFFI Projects In and For Israel:
AFFI’s Board of Directors is comprised of 12 Couples and 4 Individuals, for a total of 28 members.
Of those 28 members, 7 couples and 3 individuals are ‘Active Members.’
5 Couples and 1 individual are ‘Honorary.’
Since I am no longer able to travel to, speak at, and host, ‘Bless Israel’ Events, each AFFI Board Member ‘Tithes’ whatever amount of money they determine to support AFFI each month.
During a twelve month time period, we raise nearly $75,000 for our AFFI Projects in Israel from our AFFI Board and other miscellaneous donations that we receive.
Over all these past 12 years, we have supported and worked with multiple projects in and for Israel.

How long have you been doing that?
25 years

What are some of the successful related programs or projects that you have done this year and in past years?
AFFI Projects In and For Israel:
As I wrote above, AFFI’s Board of Directors is comprised of 12 Couples and 4 Individuals, for a total of 28 members.
Of those 28 members, 7 couples and 3 individuals are ‘Active Members.’
5 Couples and 1 individual are ‘Honorary.’
Since I am no longer able to travel to, speak at, and host, ‘Bless Israel’ Events, each AFFI Board Member ‘Tithes’ whatever amount of money they determine to support AFFI each month.
During a twelve month time period, we raise nearly $75,000 for our AFFI Projects in Israel from our AFFI Board and other miscellaneous donations that we receive.
Over all these past 12 years, we have supported and worked with multiple projects in and for Israel. Some of these projects are:

  • The Haifa Holocaust Survivors Home (in cooperation with the ICEJ/International Christian Embassy of Jerusalem)
  • The Shiloh Childrens Terror Trauma Center (in cooperation with the ICEJ/International Christian Embassy of Jerusalem)
  • Provided a portable Fire Truck for Israeli Farms along the Gaza Border (in cooperation with the ICEJ/International Christian Embassy of Jerusalem)
  • Provide Boxes of Food & Clothing for ‘The Lone Soldiers Project’ (through the FIDF/Friends Of Israel Defense Forces) at Pesach; Rosh HaShanah & Chanukah
  • Provided Academic Scholarships for INS/Israel Naval Services Shayete 13 Missile Ships Sailors; and IDF/Israel Defense Forces Top 100 IDF Future Leaders Seminar at Tel Hai College in the Golan Heights
  • Provided financial support, Food & Clothing to Israel’s MAGAV Border Police for several of their special need projects
  • Provided Funding to establish The Israel Leadership Institute/ILI. We worked with the ILI Board to raise over $1.5 million to establish this prestigious Leadership Institute located in S’derot; Tel Aviv & Haifa.
  • Provided funding for the planting and maintenance of the ‘Anne Frank Tree Project’ (overseen by Israeli Middle School Teacher Nati Yeyni) at Moshav Ramot Naftali on the Lebanon Border
  • Provided funding and support for AKIM’s IDF ‘Equal in Uniform’ Project
  • Provided funding for ‘Friends of Itamar’ for projects needed in this wonderful Community in the heart of Biblical Judea/Samaria)
  • Provided funding for several Security Projects & Libraries for CFOIC/Christian Friends of Israel Communities located in Biblical Judea/Samaria
  • Support Lev Halom monthly purchase of Boxes of products produced in Biblical Judea/Samaria, to help combat the horrific BDS movement
  • Provide funding for ICZC International Christian Zionist Center (established & operated by Jan Willem Van der Hoeven) for their annual Feast of Tabernacles at Sukkot in Jerusalem
  • Provided monetary support for several of Rabbi Tuly Weisz’s Israel365 projects; and sent funding to help Israeli Families whose homes & belongings were lost in this past years heavy flooding in Northern Israel
  • Provided monetary and Prayer support & for Rabbi Gidon Ariel & Bob O’Dell’s
    Root-Source ‘Nations 9th of Av’ Project. Also purchased & distributed numerous copies of ‘The List’ & ‘40 Day of Prayer books published by Rabbi Gidon Ariel & Bob O’Dell
  • Arranged multiple Speaking Tours in the USA for over 10 years, at both Christian Churches & Jewish Events for Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Gal Hirsch, to introduce him & his best selling auto-biography ‘Defensive Shield.’
  • Hosted dozens of ‘Bless Israel Events’ across the East, South and Midwest sections of the USA.
  • Produced Leadership Seminars across the USA, hosted by various IDF Generals AFFI brought from Israel to lead these Seminars.
  • Purchased numerous copies of the ‘Every One Was Someone’ Book, published by Israel’s Gefen Publishing, to distribute to multiple Christian Pastors & Churches throughout Ohio. (Note: a tremendous teaching tool and memorial to the over six million Jews who were slaughtered in The Holocaust.
  • Susan Lhota has taught ‘The Jewish Roots of The Faith’ for over 20 years at Jersey Baptist Church in New Albany, Ohio
  • Susan Lhota provided $500,000 to build the ‘Bill and Susan Lhota Shalom Center and Judaica Museum’ at Jersey Baptist Church in New Albany, Ohio, in honor of her dearest beloved late husband, William J. ‘Bill’ Lhota.

How did you get to where you are today?
I was born just before WWII ended. My Father served in the South Pacific on a Destroyer Tender during the War. My parents made sure that I, as their eldest daughter, was taught everything I could learn about this awful war. That included, of course, The Holocaust. We were raised in a subdivision in Canton, Ohio called ‘Market Heights.’ Many of my friends were Jewish; and had no ‘extended family.’ I quickly learned that was because most of their extended families had perished in The Holocaust. Even at the very young age of 7, I began to read everything I could comprehend about this genocide of over six million Jews!
My Mother had me watch The Nuremberg Trials on TV with her.
As a family we’d watch every bit of newsreel footage on both the old TV’s, as well as the news films that were shown at Movie Theaters.
All of it made an indelible impression on me.
As I grew into my early teens, I forced myself to read books about Mengele – and his atrocities conducted on Jewish children in the Concentration Camps.
I read numerous books on The Warsaw Ghetto uprising.
We watched the Eichmann Trial on our TV; and cheered when he was convicted.
As the early years of Israel’s rebirth unfolded, we watched in fascination, as Israel won War after War over the enemies of God’s Land!
In 1967, when Jerusalem and the Temple Mount were recaptured, we waited with baited breath for the Return of Messiah!
I grew up in a Bible Solid, Evangelical Christian Zionist small Country Church, just outside Canton.
My Mother directed our Church Choir and served as President of The Womens Circle.
My Father served as an Elder and taught the Adult Bible School Class.
I sang in the Adult Choir; directed the Youth Choir; and served as our Church Mission Secretary.
We were taught SOLID Bible Studies of every book of the entire Bible – and Bible Prophecies every week.
We knew that when Israel was ‘reborn’ in a day, the ‘generation alive to see this would not pass away until Messiah returned!’
When I was in my very early 50’s, in 1975, I was led by The Hand of God, to read a book by Marvin Rosenthal entitled ‘The Feasts of The Lord.’
That book turned my life upside down. I suddenly understood everything that I had questions about in the Bible!
I learned that my Faith was based on the Biblically Solid Foundation of Judaism.
Jesus/Yeshua was born, lived and died as an Orthodox Jewish Man & Rabbi! Everything about Him, and my Christian Faith, came from these facts!
His Teachings and Parables were all based on Jewish Truths and Traditions!
His Talmidim were all Jews!
What we called ‘Baptism’ was really doing ‘Mikveh!’
What we celebrated weekly as ‘Communion’ was really ‘the Shabbat Challah and Wine! Every one of the Seven Moed’im/Appointed Times of God, portrayed the Life of Messiah!
His First Coming = the 4 Spring Feasts; the ‘Summer Rains of Yo’el’ between the First 4 Feasts – and the Final 3 Feasts = the Times of the Gentiles; the 3 Fall Feasts = His Second Coming, and the Millennial Reign!
I was elated and deeply touched spiritually – but also furious that the Catholic Church had purposely purged every mention or trace of His Jewishness from the King James Bible.
It was at that time – in my early 50’s – that I determined to do everything I could – to try to teach The Jewish Roots of The Faith to my fellow Christians!And, to try to educate the Church about the horrific lack of knowledge we had about Israel, the Jews, and their/our Jewish Messiah!
I’ve been trying to do this for these last 25 years!
In the process, my Faith has been deepened unbelievably; and I have been blessed by God to know and understand His Word so much more fully!
That is why I Founded AFFI! To become a ‘Bridge’ between Jews and Christians!
We are both ‘Children of The Book/Bible!
We both believe there is only One True Creator God!
We both believe in Messiah’s Coming!
Christians believe it will be His Second Coming, because we believe Yeshua/Jesus Was and Is The Messiah of God!
Jews believe it will be the First Coming!
As an Evangelical Christian Zionist, I believe Israel is The Eternal Covenant Land of God; and that the Jews are His Eternal Covenant Children!
America is the steadfast Sister and Protector of Israel!

What is your “testimony”?
My Testimony really is a continuation of the previous question: ‘How Did I Get To Where I Am Today?’
Beresheet/Genesis 12:3-4 teaches that God promises to ‘BLESS those who BLESS Israel; but CURSE those who CURSE Her.’
God also reveals in this passage of Genesis that ‘in Her/Israel’ all the Nations of the World shall be blessed.
In the Brit Hadassah, Rav Sh’aul/Paul writes in his letter to the Believers in Rome, in Romans 1:16:
‘For I am not aashamed of the gospel of Yeshua Ha Masisch/Jesus! For it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Gentile.’
These 2 Scriptures have been the Biblical Foundation and Underpinning of all the work that AFFI, and my Jewish Roots of The Faith Classes, have taught, done and stood for these last 25 years.
Israel is now 72 years old!
I’ve just turned 75 years old!Our paths have run very parallel.
I have long believed that I would be alive to see Messiah ‘Come in the Clouds!’
To see Him Stand Again on the Olive Mount from whence He Returned back to Heaven 50 Days after His Resurrection.
God’s arch enemy, har satan, has done everything in his evil power to try to destroy me – just as he has both Israel and The Jews.
The battles I have had to fight have been so intense, that many times I thought I would not reach ‘the Other Side’ safely!
Israel has had War after War that were only won by The Hand of God!
5 years ago, I suffered a horrific spinal cord injury that has left me an invalid, requiring around the clock care.
3 years ago, my dearest beloved husband, Bill, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer – and died a horrible, terrible, suffering death.
Without my Faith, I would not have survived any of this. Keeping AFFI going; working constantly to bring new projects to my AFFI Board of Director’s; raising the funds necessary for our AFFI projects in Israel; continuing to teach The Jewish Roots of The Faith – all have given me purpose and a goal/goals to achieve!
I never dreamed The One True Creator God would have allowed me to have been as involved in – and with – my now dearly loved Jewish Brothers and Sisters as I have been.
The honor and joy have been immeasurable!
I promised Bill, before he passed away, that I would continue this work until I no longer was able.
My prayer is to ‘finish well!’
To ‘stay strong in The Lord and the Power of His Might!’
And then, to pass into Heaven safely!
To spend Eternity with my precious husband and loved ones already there.
Then, to be able to worship and serve our God and Messiah forever!

What do you think God is doing with regard to Jewish-Christian relations?
I think God is using multiple means of bringing Jews & Christians together in these Last Days.

  • He began revealing the Jewish Roots of The Faith to Christians within the last 50 years.
  • That revelation has had a tremendous effect on people like myself, who have now devoted themselves full time to teaching these phenomenal truths to as many Christians as possible.
  • Understanding these truths has led many Churches to honor at least some of the Feasts of The Lord – primarily Pesach.
  • It has caused Christians to form organizations such as AFFI, that then support and provide financial assistance to multiple Israeli projects in and for Israel.
  • It has allowed intense discourse to take place between Jews and Christians to identify our strong similarities as His ‘Children of The Book.’
  • It’s allowed Christians and Jews to discuss Yeshua/Jesus as we both see and know Him.
  • It’s given The Church the much needed opportunity to repent of hundreds of years of persecution of The Jews, carried out in the Name of Yeshua/Jesus.
    NOTE: The birthing of ‘The Nations 9th of Av’ is one of the pre-eminent ways this can be used to begin awakening The Church to its horrific history of anti-semitism and persecution of The Eternal Covenant Children of God.
  • It’s caused the Jews to realize that there are millions of Christians who love them as their Brothers & Sisters in God.
  • It’s cemented the already strong relation between the USA and Israel. Especially under President Trump, who made the decision to recognize Jerusalem as the Capitol of Israel. And, to encourage and support Israel as She takes Her rightful control of the Golan Heights; Judea and Samaria.
  • It’s enabled both Jews and Christians to form strong bonds of friendship on both sides of The Atlantic, and around the World.
    Ultimately, God’s main plan of forming the ‘one new man in Messiah’ will be revealed when Messiah Comes/Returns!
    Then, We, as His Bride – the Bride of Messiah – composed of both Jew & Gentile – will spend Eternity with Him in His Restored/New Heavens and Earth!
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