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Who is a Jew?

Mary Beth read our last Ask The Rabbi column, which dealt with DNA testing, and had some comments which she posted on our Facebook page. Here is our back-and-forth, as of this writing – it might expand! Mary Beth wrote: I find both fascinating and frustrating that someone with deep Jewish ancestry is not considered …

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Miriam, Moses sister

Vivian wrote: Shalom.. I have been studying women of the Old Testament.. In some midrash, it was mentioned that Miriam did not speak during the wandering in the desert after getting punished for speaking ill of her brother Moses.. However, there was a living well of water that followed her.. Any insights into this would …

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Dates of Passover in First Century

Bernard F Brzostek Jr asks: Could you please tell me where I can find a list for the exact day Passover began in the years between BC10 – AD40. Thank you, and GOD Bless. Thanks for asking Bernard! I have done some googling for you and found these two sites: this calculator might …

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The Mercy Seat

Linda Folsom from San Antonio, Texas, USA asks: Would you explain what the Mercy Seat represents in the Old Testament and also for Christians today? Thank you in advance and thank you for sharing your divine wisdom with me. Thanks for writing Linda! I admit, at first I did not know what you were referring …

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Is this the year 6000?

Rony Aguilar López wrote: Reading the Bible, it is easy to prove that this is year 6000, the 120th Jubilee. Why do people say this is year 5776 and the Jubilee? Yes some people believe that we are at exactly 6000 years this year. However, there is great debate in the chronology. However, it seems …

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Ask The Rabbi

NOTE: This is a “sticky post.” Select it to read how the Add The Rabbi feature came about here in Root Source. To see the Ask The Rabbi questions and answers, scroll down and select the one you are interested in. They are listed in order they were posted, last to first. Enjoy! Shalom! Our …

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A Free Lesson about Passover from Rabbi Gedalia Meyer

Passover. Passover is probably the best known Jewish holiday. Everybody knows it is Passover. The Hebrew word is Pesach – a word which is surprisingly difficult to translate. While the standard translation is still the favorite, there are others. In translating this word, perhaps we will find another image of God. Enjoy this lesson from …

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Gidon at WOW 2016 – Q&A

  In concluding part 3, Gidon Ariel takes questions at the Christine Darg Watchmen on the Walls conference 2016. Questions addressed are concerning (1) tie between Blood Moons and the positive increase in Jewish Christian relations, (2) how Christians can be sensitive to Jews, and (3) Earthquakes in Israel.

Gidon at WOW 2016 – Part II

In Part 2, Gidon speaks about the connection between the word “Judah” and the word “hand”. He also shares what his hope is regarding the Temple Mount in this “Jubilee Year” and answers whether it will be built by God or by man.

Gidon Explains the Knesset

In this brief video, Gidon explains what is happening in the halls of the Knesset, and why he has been able to meet, and get audiences with so many members of the Knesset (MKs), as well his perspective on how the Knesset has most dramatically changed over time.  

Meet Rabbi Elan Adler

Rabbi Elan Adler is a man of seemingly boundless energy for learning Torah, warmth towards all and sharing both through his teachings. With his engaging lectures and alluring personality, he is known for connecting with Jews and non-Jews alike. Rabbi Adler has been sharing his wisdom of Chapters of the Fathers with Root Source since September …

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Re: Keep teaching us!

We teachers at Root Source knew that the subject matter that we teach is very special. We had a feeling that there are some Christians who are curious about it, and thought it would be interesting to teach this out-of-the-ordinary (for us) audience. We have found that you all are an extraordinary audience! Here is …

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