The Live Broadcast has finished.


To access the Blood Moons Video, Slides, and Paper click here.


We will also be posting multiple presentations from our Root Source Celebratory Launch below. The original recordings were on Monday April 20, 2015.

Rabbi Tuly Weisz Welcome, Opening Remarks, and Prayer from Psalms.


Member of Knesset Ayoob Kara speaks a blessing on the Root Source initiative.


Jerusalem City Councilmember Aaron Liebowitz gives a brief blessing to the Root Source initiative.


Christian Friends of Israel with Sharon Sanders, and Stacey and Kevin Howard


In the Last Days – News and Analysis with Martin and Nathalie Blackham


Root Source Teacher David Haivri shares his thoughts about Jews teaching Christians.


Gidon Ariel shares the vision of Root Source and thanks those who have helped make that vision possible.


Bob O’Dell Keynote on the Blood Moons:  God’s Gift to the Jews.

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