Root Source takes you down into the Gihon Spring and Hezekiah’s tunnel beneath the City of David.

The walk includes a time-lapse video that turns a 40 minute walk in the tunnel into less than 1 minutes. Part 3 of 4.

6 thoughts on “City of David – Part 3”

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    Very cool! We didn’t get to go to Hezekiah’s tunnel either. Pretty much have to go back and take a tour with Rabbi Spiro or Gidon or both!!

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      Hi June, Thank you so much. Sometimes when I do these things I’m just taking a shot in the dark about what people might find interesting. When someone says “fascinating” that is even more encouraging! Blessings, Bob.

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    Thank you for posting these videos with the comments for clarification. I’ve been their but your explanations far exceeded my experience at the time of my visit.

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      Dear Barbara, it is funny, but the process of putting the videos together has made me learn it better! Now hopefully you can find a new nugget or two to pass along to your friends and it will get richer still as you “pass it on”. Blessings, Bob.

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