Without thinking about it too much, people use the word “coincidence” often, and when pressed, they might define it as something that happens without too much input from God.

What does Judaism think about that?

Watch this short video, and see for yourself!

Oh, and please join in the discussion below, in the comments section.

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    Excellent teaching Gidon, thank you! Am I right though that whilst there is the word m-k-r-m in modern hebrew, there is no word for co-incidence in the Hebrew bible because it is all G-d-incidence?

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      Barbara, that is an interesting point.
      In fact, the word mikreh does appear in the Bible ten times according to my concordance, in that meaning too.
      The time that came to mind first is in Samuel 1, 20:26, which is memorable because the Sages quote this convoluted verse to show how a person should try to speak cleanly even if that makes them speak in a roundabout way. Otherwise, speak concisely.
      Other citations are from Ecclesiastes, not surprisingly. See 9:2 for example.
      Also Ruth 2:3
      So we see that the concept of coincidence is in fact Biblical, but so is our choice to see it as from God.

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    Amazing and it similiar that under German Believer we say that the word coincidence did not really exist, because there is no coincidence, because it comes from God. And now I get the Biblical explanation to this and the wonderful hebrew letters exchange who says exactly the same. Gidon the explanation and than the mix of the letters makes my heart jumping. That a kind of teaching makes me absolut hungry for more like this. So I hope there will be some more in that way.. Thank you so much.

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    I salute you!
    M-k-r-h, just last night I reviewed a film of Brigadier-General Avigdor Kahalani.. Tank corp is a very rough job. Thank you for your service, and continued service as moreh.

    The lesson was light, fun and interesting. Hebrew the original game of scrabble.

    Shalom for now.
    Ms. Jan

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    Oh I feel as tho I have found the golden apples in the silver frame!!! Thank you sooo much for wanting to reach out to Christians. My soul is hungry for Jewish Thought! Thank you!!!!

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    First thank you for you teachings. They mean much to me. I I found myself listening to them with an open mouth like a fish. The more important fact is that I feel an increasing burden on me to seek Jewish wisdom. It happened some days ago when I listened to a Rabbi’s talks, when I read Jewish jokes, suddenly I started to adopt and apply what I’ve heard. I knew this ancient way of thinking and speaking is rooted in G’d and because there is NO coincidence I found you today in the deep www and am very thankful for having you now as a source for further learning. Shalom

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      Thank you Susie, please comment often, and especially with questions you have! As the Jewish sages said: The bashful one cannot be a [good] student.

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    Gidon, Bless you my Brother for the heart you have for us Christians. In these days of watching, we are told of the stirring of the spirit and to know the seasons. I feel burdened for the time is short and my eyes are turned daily to Zion. The searching for His wisdom is being met as I found this site, not by coincidence but as an answer to a prayer and a burning desire to follow God’s leading. I will be watching and praying during this Friday’s eclipse and have posted the link on Facebook. Thank you for your insight and service to our Lord and Master. Shalom and may His peace be poured out on you as oil.

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    Thank you so much for the things I am learning on your website about the Hebrew language. This lesson on “coincidence” and the meaning in Hebrew is wonderful to know. I’ve always believed that nothing happens by “coincidence” or “chance” with God, and to now see the meaning of the word “coincidence” in Hebrew brings joy to my heart as it reaffirms the depth of our God.

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    Shalom Gidon
    It was no coincidence that a friend sent me your website. I too say Todah for your wonderful teaching It is a
    blessing when HaShem opens the eyes of our heart so we can see His fingerprints on ever;ything.
    I love when He sets up Divine appointments! I feel this is one. As a wild olive shoot grafted into the
    Jewish Root I cannot get enough of Jewish teaching and wisdom.
    Blessings in the Name of the Holy One of Israel

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    How blessed we are to have opportunity to gather in this teaching. I have been interested in genealogy for just a few years but in the last 2 years discovered a Jewish line in my mother’s side. This family was turned out of Spain and went to Barbados and then to New Amsterdam (New York) and moved down to Virginia, USA and them to NC where they settled in the mountains. There has always been something in me that wanted to know more of the beliefs that we base so much of our Christian heritage on. I wanted to find a friend who was Jewish as a teenager but never found one. I do not believe that finding this website is an ‘accident’. Thank you for preparing and doing this.

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    Shabbat Shalom: Toda raba for your stepping out in faith and creating Root Source. Just recently, I discovered your teachings and have been devouring them since. It is the refreshing waters that I have longed for and prayed for since coming to the U.S. from Israel ten years ago. Two scriptures come to mind regarding this: Psalm 137 about longing for Zion in a foreign land (Babylon/U.S.) and Ephesians 2:11 ff about The Commonwealth of Israel and the One New Man. HALLELU Yah! It is truly beginning to happen.
    Blessings & Shalom, Shalom,

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    The picture of the crown and the mess on the back. That’s me! Before Y’shua got ahold of me I was a mess. He turned me around. Thank you for that picture. The teaching was awesome. G-d bless and shalom.

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    The greatest disappointment in my life is that I was not raised in an orthodox Jewish tradition. The greatest appointment was that I found The Christ. I look forward to Your teachings and thank you for being on Israel News.

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      With Gidon out on Shabbat I can partially answer. It is part of an ancient set of languages, semitic languages http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Semitic_languages that use that form. It may actually be the early form such that it is really modern languages that are backwards. The letters of Hebrew used to be more pictoral: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paleo-Hebrew_alphabet There are a other languages that are still right-to-left today: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Right-to-left Blessings, Bob.

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    I’ve always wanted to read Hebrew for there are so many nuances of the words. Perhaps English as well but this is my first language so haven’t thought much about it. I want to be able to read Torah with understanding as a Jewish person. Your teaching seems to make it easy to learn. Thank you for taking time to teach us Christians who have lost our Jewish roots.

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      Dear Norma, besides the first 4 lessons of Biblical Hebrew, which you can watch on our site after just signing up for the 28 day free trial, there is also a 2 hour separate product we sell which allows you to learn how to pronounce Hebrew, and after that you will have learned about 30 or so words. Here is more information. https://root-source.com/buy-instant-hebrew/ Blessings and thank you! Bob

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    Awesome i enjoyed this short teaching on coincidence – so informative great teaching.
    God Bless

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    Agnes Hilario

    For God spoke…and all that is known and unknown was created! This lesson has had a profound effect on me…the outcome of which I am still beginning to appreciate, learn from, and obey.

    Briefly stated: “I am NOT a product of coincidence!” Baruch HaShem!

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    thank you for the confirmation. i have always believed that coincidence is a heads-up from GOD. there are no coincidences – they are divine interventions from the MOST HIGH..

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    Wow! First I want to say thank you for this lesson. I have had many of these mikrehs (hope I’m using that in the right context) . I’ve always known it was GOD but knowing the word for this is awesome! Again, thank you!

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    Thank you for your first teaching! I, too, feel all coincidences are GOD-INCIDENCES and I treasure them.

    I have to admit that Inam a bit confused on your last example of coincidence, though. Because God is all perfect, I don’t know what the messy side of the pattern represents! Please forgive me but it went over my head!

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      Joanne, the messy side represents what we here on Earth see as reality. Some may see it as a hodgepodge of things, disconnected with each other, and certainly not planned or designed.

      But people who decide to look for that design can certainly find it if they look for it!

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    Thank you Gidon for your lesson on Coincident, I totally believe what you have said……I always called a coincident a G-d incident, Praise Hashem I was on track!

    Blessings and Shalom

    Carol Clifford

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    Hello Gidon Ariel
    I wish to thank you for reaching out your hand in friendship to try to help us Christians to have a better understanding. I pray that my Christian brothers and sisters will respond in the same way.

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    Hi Gideon:
    Now that you mentioned and explained the word “Coincidence” I have heard a similar explanation before, that is “there are no coincidences, but everything is planned by G’d” which amounts to more or less what you said. I don’t speak Hebrew, so I didn’t know that there is a connection between the letters and the word coincidence. Thank you for explaining
    Liane ASmper


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