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Bob’s Father has Passed

Bob O'Dell recently lost his father, Paul H. O'Dell, Jr. at age 93 1/2 in San Antonio Texas. He says a few words about him below. Bob's Comments: Both my father and mother were pro-Israel Christians during their lives.  Their work plowed the f ...

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AnaRina’s New Video!

Over the last year every couple of weeks we have posted a video from AnaRina Heymann (now Kreisman) until we ran out of videos. But she has just posted a new one called: Seven Weeks of Consolation and the Festival that marks your Return to Zion. ...

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Meet Tal Chenya

It takes all of about eight seconds to realize that Tal Chenya is a likable guy. But this unassuming Sephardic Jew is working on a PhD in history! Along the way he enjoys any opportunities to work as a tour guide. As you might guess, tour guides are ...

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Fear of God in the Hebrew Bible

Fear of God in the Hebrew Bible

This first course in the series Man’s Relationship with God in the Hebrew Bible, explores fear of God in the Hebrew Bible and what it means to be a God fearing person.  Today’s Woke culture has contempt for this idea and seeks to paint the God o ...

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Topics in Jewish Thought

The course deals with current topics of interest in Jewish Wisdom through study of Jewish Thought. Although the Torah was given 3,333 years ago, her Godly genius is just as relevant and applicable as ever, regarding day to day life, inter-personal re ...

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Studio See- Course 11

WELCOME TO STUDIO SEE – COURSE 11, THIS COURSE HAS THE FOLLOWING LESSONS: 1. The One Word that Divides 2. Where Does it End? 3. Studio See is Over. Any Feedback?  

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Studio See – Course 10

WELCOME TO STUDIO SEE – COURSE 10, THIS COURSE HAS THE FOLLOWING LESSONS: 1. A View Too Small: Prophecy 2. A View Too Small: Punishment 3. A View Too Small: Prodigal Son Story 4. A View too Small: The Future of Israel 5. The Biblical Love Stor ...

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