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Genesis 1:1-2

In this second, introductory lesson Seth Young begins teaching us how to understand the Hebrew words of Genesis 1:1. Please note that a companion product is available to go with this course for those ...

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The First Talmud Prayed

Hi! We hope you enjoy this course. We have not yet created a text description of it. If you would like, please formulate a 20 - 100 word description, and we will upload it here!

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The First Mishna Prayed

Now that the three blessings of the Torah are complete, and after reading the Torah for our first prayer, we pray a prayer from the Mishnah. The Mishna is an oral tradition passed down thru the years ...

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Moses 3

This lesson covers two simultaneous ideas that are held in Jewish thought -- the idea that Moses was a leader of equal stature to entire generations of leaders, but secondly the idea that there is a l ...

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Bobs Observations 3

From time to time, we share a video lesson that is ordinarily only available to channel subscribers. Here is your chance to have a taste of Gidon Ariel's 'Pray Like A Jew' channel. We hope you like it ...

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First Five Names of God

In this lesson, Rabbi Gedalia Meyer explains what is meant by the image of God within the standpoint of Judiasm, and how this course will approach the subject. NOTE: This lesson references Exodus 34:2 ...

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Proverbs Chapter 1

Rabbi Leifert asks and then tries to answer the question: What is Wisdom? He answers it by telling the story of King Solomon, the very story that resulted in the book of Proverbs being written in the ...

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Fathers 1 4-5

Do we desire to be people that would eagerly desire to hear from great persons who might visit us in our homes? What is the condition of your home? Yosi Ben Yoezer has a recommendation for us: That ...

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Fathers 1 2-3

This lesson begins the second Mishnah in Chapters of the Fathers. Rabbi Adler takes on Shimon the Righteous (Hatzadik), one of the last surviving members of the great assembly and the profound three- ...

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Moses 2

Moses was 77 years old when he married which is according to our own modern life expectancy (80 years) would be like getting married at 57. How do Jews apply this story to themselves, especially for t ...

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Blessings of the Torah

This lesson begins some lessons regarding the blessing of the Torah that Jews pray in the morning. This relatively long blessing highlights the importance of the Torah to Jews.

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Moses 1

Gidon Ariel introduces a book by Rabbi Yishai Hasidah who has captured all the Rabinical writings of all the various personalities in the Bible, in a book entitled: Treasury of Biblical Personalities, ...

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Modeh Ani and Asher Yatzar

What are the very first words you speak in the morning, and how quickly do your words turn towards God? Gidon shows us the words that form 'the kernel of the foundation' of his day. Bob's Application ...

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The Land of Israel 1

What are the three locations in which the scripture give undisputed claim to the Jewish people, for certain pieces of land? Joseph's Tomb in the town of Shechem (Nablus) is one of them, and David expl ...

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Introduction to Jewish Prayer

What is the foundational scripture that commands Jews to pray? You may be very surprised! How often do Jews pray each day, and where did this idea come from in scripture? What do the prayer books lo ...

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Fathers 1 1

Rabbi Elan Adler explains how a very simple statement 'Moses received the Torah from Sinai' contains in it a hidden lesson of the right attitude of learning. Bob's Application: We can see Rabbi Adl ...

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Rabbi Elan Adler introduces a famous Jewish work called 'Chapters of the Fathers' which has also been referred to over the ages as 'Ethics of the Fathers'. In Hebrew this work is called 'Pirkei Avot ...

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Early Observations

Gidon Ariel leads Christians in a prayer for the Three Kidnapped boys of May 2014. This prayer was prayed a few days before the boy's bodies were found.

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