Directions to Maale Adumim, Mitzpe Nevo

From Points West (Tel Aviv, etc.): After Mevaseret Zion, Bet Zayit, etc, exit Road 1 right towards Maale Adumim. (If you miss that exit, you can continue until the main (Givat Shaul) entrance to Jerusalem, turn left towards the Dead Sea.) Continue on Route 9 (or the Begin Highway) towards Maale Adumim until the French Hill traffic light.
Turn right at that intersection, and go straight until the main Ramat Eshkol intersection. There will be a large white piece of art (sic) on your left. Turn left there.
Go straight, follow the signs (and the traffic) to Maale Adumim. You will go through a long tunnel.
After about a kilometer, you will see a sign (1) “Maale Adumim right.” Follow this sign and the traffic until you get to (2) the large
traffic circle at the entrance to Maale Adumim. Turn left there into the city. 
To Mitzpe Nevo: Enter the city, pass (3) the guardpost. Go straight through six traffic circles:
Pass straight through (4) the first traffic circle, next to the Police Station (Mishtara) on your left.
Pass straight through (5) the second traffic circle, next to the Community College (Michlala) on your right.
Pass straight through (6) the third traffic circle, next to the Municipality (Iriya) on your right.
Pass straight through the (7) fourth traffic circle, next to the Library (Sifriya) on your right.
Go under (8) the first pedestrian bridge, with the Community Center (Matnas) to you left.
Pass straight through (9) the fifth traffic circle, with Bicycle statues (Ofanayim) in it.
Pass straight through (10) the sixth traffic circle, called Kikar Keren.
Go under (11) the second pedestrian bridge.
Turn left at (12) the seventh traffic circle, called Yitzchaki, onto Gitit street.
Go down Gitit street.
Bear right when the road curves (13) left.
Continue on Gitit street, drive over about 4 speed bumps.
Continue straight – Gitit street turns into Mitzpe Nevo street (the street and the neighborhood share the same name).
Go straight through (14) the new Mitzpe Nevo traffic circle, by exiting the circle at the second right.
To The Maale Nevo shul: continue to the bottom of the road before it curves right. The shul is on your left.
By Bus: Take the 174
from Binyanei Hauma, Yaffo Street, or Kvish Mispar Echad (the road from the Old City to Ramat Eshkol). Ask the driver to let you off at Pizza Nevo in Mitzpe Nevo. Walk back on that side of the street until you see a bus shelter across the street. Near there is Mitzpe Nevo 29-31. Walk up the stairs, then into the entrance closest to the top of the stairs you just climbed. Go up to the second floor, “Ariel family” sign on the door.

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Map to Maale Adumim and Mitzpe Nevo