Our interview with Dr. Marvin Wilson now concludes with his personal story of what Jew first touched him, and the impact it had on his life.

In this conclusion he also explains what he thinks ‘root source’ of Root Source really is, and why Christians should consider learning directly from Orthodox Jews.

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    Dear Marvin,

    I understand now why I have had a passion for the Jewish people since I was eight years old. My father made me watch ‘World at War’ in 1973-74 and much of the series was about the Holocaust. I was so touched as a child by this, and it has never left me. Thank God!

    I totally enjoyed listening to your interview, though I could only get Part 3 and 4, and I completely agree with you about having a humble heart in order to be able to learn the deep truth in God’s Word from our Jewish brethren. I am currently reading through the Old Testament and am taking my time through Leviticus and trying to understand the absolute details of God’s instructions to the Israelites for daily living.

    I was prompted by God in prayer to learn Hebrew last year. So I obeyed and sent off for a cd and text books. I love it!! and I’m determined to get to grips with it..I could be here for a long time though!.

    May God continue to bless you abundantly in your ministry, for I have been blessed listening to you today.

    In Christ.

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    Dr Wilson, I have really enjoyed the full interview on Root Source! I also agree that Christians need an interaction with the Jewish people/rabbis. I am in the process of learning Biblical Hebrew so that I may eventually read the Tanach in the original language. I am also trying to learn about the people, their background, why/how they feel as they do. I really want to know about my ancestors Abraham, down the line! I am 85 and have some sight issues so it is sometimes a challenge. The Root Source classes are great for that reason! God has blessed your life greatly and may He continue to do so!!! He is doing amazing things in you and through you!!

    God Bless, Lynda Sipes. Colorado

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