Our interview with Dr. Marvin Wilson now continues with a look at how he sees Christian – Jewish Relations to be different today than it was in the past.

With his 50 years of experience in this field, we also found it insightful to ask him how he views Root Source and how he sees us fitting into the overall Jewish-Christian landscape. This is part 3 of our 4 part interview.

2 thoughts on “Dr. Marvin Wilson Interview – Part Three”

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    Amazing! This was one of the first books I read and still have when I made a transition to a more Hebraic look of the Hebrew bible. Never saw him before. I was born in a hospital in Denver called Beth Israel and delivered by a Jewish Dr. Our family doctors all my life in my parents home were Jewish men; they were good to us and for us.I was just a kid, I wasn’t told what Jewish meant, had to learn much latter in life, I rented from a Jewish man, met a young lady for a friend in 20’s, went to meet her family and never seen her again.Jewish people have been on my path of live up until this time. Great goodness; I’ve learned much. Thank you HaShem for sending your emmessaries.

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    Shalom Dr. Wilson; so glad you are still around and that you wrote a most foundational book. Thank you.

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