Our interview with Dr. Wilson now continues with a look at how he sees church history and the root problem that separated Christianity from its Jewish Roots.

How many people do you know that can be described as having worked in the field of the Jewish Roots of the Christian faith for 50 years! In that context his book, Our Father Abraham, that was published 25 years ago was written in the middle of that long career.

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    Great interview. Take a look at “http://therebelgod.com/CrossPaper.pdf” that includes the following:
    You may not be familiar with the terms “Penal Substitution” or“Satisfaction-Doctrine,” but you surely know the basic theology behind it: It is a theology that can sound shockingly legalistic and cruel:
    You have broken the law because it is impossible to keep it, and so you must have broken it. And because you cannot keep this impossible to keep law you will be charged with death because “the penalty for sin is death” and those are just the rules. God must have blood because the law requires it; there must be a penalty paid. The only payment that would have been enough is sacrificing someone who was the “perfect law-keeper,” someone who could live a perfect life without sin. So God decided to kill his own Son on the cross to appease his legal need for blood. Now that Jesus has been sacrificed God is no longer mad at us for not doing what we can’t do anyway, so we can now come and live with him forever—as long as we are grateful to him for his “mercy” to us. This may sound crass, but this is exactly how our presentation of the cross sounds to many people. The Gospel is communicated in a way that does not reflect a merciful, loving heavenly Father, but sounds like a horrifying picture of abuse, like a bloodthirsty tyrant we should be afraid of. … The early Jewish-Christians had a different understanding of Yeshua’s mission.

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    The entire Bible, is based on giving humankind dominion over resources of the earth through Covenant, the entire book tells of the Ancient Near Eastern covenant’s, and that which was given throughMOses, the Suzerin Covenant which is a means of governing a nation, “not religion”. Getting that basic understanding from Genesis to Revelation, opens the eyes to many things, the restoration of the Kingdom, book of Matthes, that is Yeshua’s words; is about the Kingdom; not religion.It is a mid eastern book, not a Roman, European, US book. Yeshua’s Ben David is not returning to a “religion” but to a Kingdom.

    Yes, in translation, the world lost the Hebraic thought and culture, we’ve misunderstood many things which has lead to much tragedy. And also Americans lask of anicent history, european and American history. For all our technology; we have been sadly ignorant. HaShem help us all. I prefer the TaNak and Brit Chadash, covenant renewal, G-d’s original plan froundi in first 7 Hebrew words of Genesis, is a nation, not a religion nor a “church” as we think of church today.

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    I have had “Our Father Abraham” since 1996-7. Everyone must have a copy for their eyes to begin to open; there is much more.

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    Dr. Wilson, I loved what you said about the church being “cheated”. When I first began studying the Hebrew Roots, I found those were my exact words….”I feel like we’ve been cheated”. I have never had the Scriptures come alive like they do when studied from a Jewish perspective! It is so rewarding and deep for me. I thank God for His mercy and grace, in leading me to discover, for myself, the richness available through His Chosen People and their understanding and history. What a blessing! I thank you for your work and wish you much continued success! I prefer to call our Bible, the Tanakh and the Brit Chadashah. I do not like “old” and “new”. It does sound too much like what you said, “antiquated, obsolete, etc”. I have that same struggle with members of my family. They will fight me, tooth and nail about it. I pray for God to open their eyes. They love Israel and her people, but they don’t think Leviticus applies to us, as Christians, saved by grace. It’s a struggle, but one I pray God will open their eyes to. Shalom and blessings to you!

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    Jane Savicki Willis

    Dr. Wilson so blessed to hear you teach! I was a Bible/theology student of yours at Gordon from Spring 1979-graduation in 1981. You took a chance on a young girl who wanted to transfer in from another Christian college with ok grades, and not much $. (You did like to kid me about my maiden name, (polish) and say it with an Italian accent.) really felt that God was so much more than what I had been taught up to that point. In my interview in 1979, I shared my passion for learning and why I wanted to be accepted into the Bible/Theology Dept. I’m still thankful to this day that I was able to attend Gordon! My 2nd year studying there I read in the Psalms… You have set my feet in a spacious place… Gods word really spoke what my heart was experiencing as my understanding expanded and a foundation was built that still stands today!
    I recall the beginnings of that spacious, when I took the OT required course and began to see and understand the historical Jewish roots! I took every course I could fit in that you taught. Usually in a class full of men in those days. I had no idea how God was going to use my life and my degree in the future, but I just keep studying and learning and loved every minute! Modern Jewish Culture was one that also impacted my life and I still recall sharing a Passover in the Spring of 1980! I have taught the messianic roots of the Passover over the years at every opportunity I have been afforded! I do love to teach the historical Jewish roots of the Old Testament and New Testament and continue to do so! I am so encouraged to see you are writing and teaching today! Your love for God and the Word of God is still as infectious today as it was when I was a young student of yours! May God continue to use your gift of communication and teaching to bless many more!

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