Comments from our Readers

“I feel like I’m encountering something authentic.”

” The teaching is solid.”

“Enjoying the ruminating! Awesome!”

“Credentialed people with humble attitudes”

“Root-Source to me is a connection with our Jewish roots.”

“I really like the personality and approach of the Rabbis and teachers.”

“Do you realize you are doing something prophetic here?”

“Root Source is a remarkable, historic undertaking.”

“When I listen to a lesson, I am learning not just from the content, but also their way of teaching.”

“Very professional, well-organized, invites me to explore and participate efficiently—“high class””

“I like their humility and the way they keep reaching out to draw us in.”

“I’m realizing more and more how much I don’t know about Israel and Jewish people.”

“The personal information about them revealed during the lessons keeps me relating to them personally”

“My favorite thing about Root Source are the nuggets of insight I receive about Jews and Israel”

“Conveys comfort and peace from within the presenter to me as a listener—encourages me to receive, to be teachable”

“It invites me to know more simply for the purpose that God might have in my knowing more!”

“I like it that these guys seem to know their stuff, but even more so, I appreciate their attitude. It’s just surprising to me, honestly.”

“There is more ‘tenderness’ present in Israeli culture, and in these teachers than I would have anticipated.”

“The better I get acquainted with Jews and Jewish culture, the more ‘real’ Israel seems to me, and that helps and encourages me to pray.”

“Thank You for Root-Source! The classes are appreciated for their excellent education and the personal interaction.”

“The 10 for me is getting more acquainted with Israeli culture and their approach to God. It’s significantly different than what I think my image was.”

“Respectful presentations—information conveyed without guile, without condescension, without trying to convince”

“This is exactly what I have been longing for…to sit at the feet of beloved Jewish teachers and learn, and feed upon the Word of G-d with insights and understandings that only a Jewish person would know “

Endorsements from Leaders


Sharon K. Sanders, Co-Founder, Director of Ministry and Education,
Christian Friends of Israel – Jerusalem

“Gidon Ariel and Bob O’Dell make a perfect combination and have together designed a unique online learning experience for any Christian who wants to be engaged in learning more about the Hebraic foundations of their faith. The fascinating and informational facts are presented in a comfortable and easily understood manner on their website. I have personally known Gidon Ariel for a number of years and can state his sincerity to work with Christian groups. The knowledge he is able to impart from the Jewish world is enhanced perfectly by the understanding of Bob O’Dell who has done extensive research and study for a number of years on the Jewish-Christian circle of friendship. Even though both come from different worlds, they together, do “Tikkun Olam,” they are rebuilding the world and narrowing the gap between Jews and Christians. I am so glad to be able to endorse this new work which they have begun.”

wilson marvin

Dr. Marvin R. Wilson
Harold J. Ockenga Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies
Gordon College, Wenham, Massachusetts. Author, Our Father Abraham: Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith

We need the Jewish people. They are a living resource and my life has been changed by the Jewish scholars with whom I have studied, and the Jewish Rabbi’s with whom I have shared life. I think Root Source provides another wonderful opportunity, for Jews and Christians to lovingly engage, together showing God’s love in practical ways by growing together around that common ‘root source’, which is in fact, God’s holy Word. Christians need to be challenged to consider new ways of looking at old texts, and this fresh set of Jewish eyes, this point of view, which may be slightly different, but is usually complementary, can be very liberating and insightful, so as to expand a Christian’s walk with God.”


Christine Darg, Jerusalem Channel TV

Root Source is an excellent resource for Christians to make up for lost time to learn about the Hebraic foundation of our faith. I have known Gidon Ariel and his family for a number of years, and I am convinced that the God of Israel has imparted to Gidon a mandate for such a time as this to bring Christians up to speed on Judaism in an Israeli context. Through Root Source, Gidon and his Christian co-worker Bob O’Dell are building bridges to facilitate important and timely Jewish-Christian alliances.”

sc pic1 andrew white

Canon Andrew White, Anglican Chaplain to Iraq, President of FRRME

This could change your life. Christians can gain an insight into their very foundation, which is Judaism. Our life, our living comes out of Judaism. And unless you understand that, you cannot understand where you have come from, and where you are going.”

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