Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost to Join Root Source?

Nothing! Root Source is free to join. Our new pricing model has changed to enable people from all over the world and from all socio-economic strata to enjoy Root Source without payment (membership previously cost $7-$50 a month). “Freely you have received.”

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What is unique about Root Source that I can’t get from free videos on the Internet?

Access – We bring you into direct contact with the largest single group of Jewish Israeli teachers and rabbis that have ever loved Christians.
Interactive – we encourage our students to watch each recorded lesson and interact with the teacher and other students through the website.
Quality – Our instructors are skilled, knowledgeable and loving.
Focus – Our instructors select topics that they believe will help Christians live better lives.
But above all:
It is as different as night and day. The most precious and valued Jewish relationship outside of family is between instructors and students. Jews learn by building relationships and through action. We use technology to bring you into a relationship with your instructors, to teach you a way of seeing the world that may be the closest thing on earth today to the original Hebrew roots of first century Christianity. We believe this is more than just valuable, it is priceless.

Can I ask the instructors questions?

Yes, during live classes and Q&A conference calls, or you may send emails to instructors privately. The chance to have your Jewish questions answered by Jews who love you, is a unique service we offer!

Why are you focused on Christians?

We see the huge historical chasm between Christians and Jews, and want to reverse that. Root Source exists to help Christians learn more about the authentic Jewish roots of their faith and to build bridges of respectful relationships between Christians and Jews.

I am Jewish, can I join?

Sure. While the instructors are gearing their lectures to Christians, Jews will find the lessons fully consistent with Orthodox teachings, and may find it interesting to see first-hand how Christians are learning and reacting to those teachings.

I am neither Christian nor Jewish. Can I join?

We welcome people from any background. Just understand that our instructors select topics based on what they believe will be of most use to Christians.

Why are all your instructors based in Israel?

This allows Christians to connect with the Land of Israel, and to financially bless residents of the Land of Israel while growing their Hebrew roots.

Are any of your instructors followers of Jesus (or Yeshua)?


Then why do they want to teach Christians?

Root Source teachers believe that they can help enrich the lives of Christians by enlightening them with the roots of their faith, and demonstrate their love by answering their questions about Judaism.

Will the Instructors criticize Yeshua (Jesus)?

No! They accept that you believe in and follow Jesus. That’s what makes you a Christian!

Will they argue against other Christian teachings?

No. They are experts in Judaism, and do not regularly contrast their teachings with Christian beliefs. But if it ever happens, it will be done respectfully.

Do they want Christians to follow the Torah as they do, or to even go further and convert to Judaism?

No. They believe a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Hebrew scriptures applied to their beliefs can make Christians better — stronger in their faith.

How are Instructors compensated?

Teachers get paid per view for each of their videos. Furthermore, students who wish to bless a specific teacher using the “Bless This Teacher” widget can do so.

Do instructors do more than teach?

Yes. Some instructors supplement their income by selling books, giving Israel tours, and other endeavors. You will find their other activities are listed on their Instructor Page.

How do you pick your instructors?

Our CEO, Gidon Ariel, hand-selects them and invites them to join. While their backgrounds are different, they all share an appreciation for the scriptures being inspired by God.

Will the instructor list grow over time?

Yes! We will grow the number of regular and guest instructors, as well as our topic offerings, as our membership continues to grow. We dream of being the “YouTube of Jewish teachers engaging with Christians.” Please invite a friend to join!

Are Root Source instructors being criticized within Israel?

Many Israelis consider this effort a noble one. However, the Orthodox Jewish communities from which our instructors come, have historically been perplexed and concerned, if not worse, whenever they see a Jewish teacher attempting to build a relationship with a Christian. Their skepticism is very well-founded!
In the last 2000 years, history is irrefutable that whenever Christians and Jews come together, Jews are persecuted and killed, or forced to give up their Jewish heritage. Root Source aims to replace this past with a new vision – that respectful, mutually beneficial relationships, without either side trying to fix the other, are possible between Christians and Jews– and result in LOVE.
As a member of Root Source, you join a group of Christians who would say to these brave instructors: “We appreciate the risk you are taking, and support you in this work!” Let’s all work together to show everyone that our mutual history is not our future — that gatherings such as Root Source are an idea whose time has finally come!”

May I download the recordings for my own use?

Yes, you can stream the recordings as well as download them for playing on mobile devices with or without the Internet.

As a pastor or teacher, I found some of the material useful. May I use it in my teachings?

Absolutely. We encourage you to spread the insights from Root Source to the non-Jewish world. Quote anything you like, but if you want to play an entire lesson to a study group, please contact us for permission.

May I upload your recordings on my own website to share my friends?

No. You can link to our site and even to a specific page, but please encourage your friends to subscribe directly, or contact us for cooperation initiatives.
We encourage group Root Source engagement for a group that wants to take a class together so they can discuss it in their own church group.

Free membership? You must be supported by donations. How can I contribute more to this important work you are doing?

Thought you’d never ask! 🙂 Please go to and select the method you prefer.
Please reach out to with any questions or comments you may have.

Can I Volunteer?

We would love for you to join our Christian prayer team! We also have a number of projects that need leadership and helping hands to move forward. If either of these interest you, please contact us at