A few years ago, Gidon met Pastor Chris Edmonds, who told him the shocking story of his father Master Sergeant Roddie Edmonds during World War Two. Gidon and Chris are still close.

Please watch this prize winning documentary and if you’d like, buy the book on Amazon


2 thoughts on “Following the Footsteps of My Father”

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    Louise Brislane

    WOW!!! He summed it up nicely, He was a righteous man!!! I had tears when watching that, there are many GOOD men in this world who go about their daily lives quietly but with strength. Sadly we hear more about the evil rather than the good!! A great man to call a ‘mate’. A brother in arms who stood by his comrades no matter their creed or colour of their skin understanding that beneath their skin, they were all representing their homeland, the USA.

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    diana rumboll

    thank you Pastor Chris Edmonds
    it was such a moving time to be hearing you personally in Washington
    as you were on the task of documenting this amazing testimony.
    thank you once again
    diana rumboll from Argentina

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