In part 4 Gidon gets personal, explaining how this journey of working with Christians has impacted his family and his community.

He also covers how Jews perceive Christians, his family’s reaction to nearby terrorism, and an answer to the question:

What is the most important thing these tour participants should take home with them?

3 thoughts on “Gidon and Bob – Speak to Tour Group 4”

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    Philip Morris

    God bless you Gideon. As a lover of Israel, I’m planning a visit with a group of friends. I think this turning of Christians towards Israel, the branch to the root, is one of the most significant developments of the 21st century.

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    Pauline Radford

    Shalom Gidon.
    Thank you for demonstrating the love and interaction which can exist between us at this time.
    In the course of the fulfilment of God’s Plan and Purpose it would seem that we shall learn much about each others standing in the sight of The Creator of all things. As a Christian, reading the Scriptures gives much insight into Jewish history and God’s working with you. On the other hand, a claim to my being ‘a Jew by adoption ‘ probably means nothing to you without a reading of God’s Purpose with the Gentiles in the New Testament. How can I be accepted as an adoptedJew?

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      Thanks for writing Pauline!

      Jewish tradition has rules for induction to the Jewish People, via conversion to the Jewish religion. There is no recognition of someone from the outside coming and declaring they are adopted in.

      That being said, there are very few differences in behavior towards non-Jews as opposed to Jews. Some are big, like the prohibition against intermarriage, but for the most part any friendly relationship can be had between two or more people who want to make the effort in order to reap the rewards.

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