In this part 5 this series concludes with Bob suggesting what are the two great blessings that one receives from visiting Israel.

The first one has to do with the Bible, and the second blessing is custom-made!

Thanks goes to Trey Graham and his tour group for such interesting questions.

2 thoughts on “Gidon and Bob – Speak to Tour Group 5”

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    My heart-felt thanks to you, Gidon and Bob, for doing this series! I wish I could move to Israel for good. It seems to me that I would feel more at home there than I do in Canada now. This country has changed so much that I feel uncomfortable here; it’s not the country I remember, growing up. I think this feeling will only grow as we get closer to Messiah’s coming. Again, thanks for sharing from your hearts. Shalom.

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      Hi Linda, Thanks for watching this series and for noticing — yes it was heartfelt. blessings, Bob.

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