How can Christians and Jews Stand Together?

Watch the video as GidonĀ ArielĀ discusses why it is important for Christians to stand with Israel and what it means to Israel.

4 thoughts on “Gidon Ariel – Stand with Israel Conference – Part 1”

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    Jasmine Pillay

    I believe that a Messianic Jew is a Jew who has totally fulfilled the Torah as he has fulfilled the total revelation of God in Jesus the Jew.

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      Thank you Jasmine, I have heard similar statements, I do not know what positive consequence my debating with your statement could have, so I will simply say that I believe differently. We can still be friends:-)

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    Hi Gidon,
    Thank you for sharing this, It is really helpful to take a look at things from your perspective and be able to share openly. What is great about this is the fact that it encourages open-mindness and learning, So often we restrict ourselves by only seeing the part of something that we can see, not realising there is a whole lot to learn about the parts we cannot see. There is always more, The apostle Paul said that even he see’s in part and in a mirror dimly,
    I have great news in that my husband and I are visiting Israel for the first time next week. We have some time organised with a tour and after that we are staying on for an extra week just to absorb and BE with God,
    Would be glad to meet up with any of the Root Source team and partners during this time and learn more about your wonderful land and mission so that we can know more about how we can help you and your country.


    Jackie Diaper

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      Wonderful! I hope we can meet up! I love meeting with friends I meet through the Internet IRL (In Real Life)! Especially in Israel!
      – Gidon

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